In the year 500, the sky rained fire. Meteors fell to the ground all over Einland. Each of these meteors contained immense magical power that could be harnessed to repel the sinister creaturs that attempted to destroy civilization. Guided by The Inquisition, a collective of faiths charged with ensuring that magic did not get out of control, each city in the Alexandren Empire was given a piece of this magical meteor which they dubbed "Etherium" from its theoretical origins.

Unbeknownst to all but the highest levels of the Inquisition, the meteors signaled the first of twelve important prohpecies coming true. These prophecies are dubbed "The Pelorite Prophecies." The first had come true. The twelth signaled disaster for the Inquisition, the Empire, and the denizens of Einland.

In the year 525, Ebbek, a High Inquisitor, convened a team in secret whose goal was to thwart the prophecies as soon as they were deciphered. This team consisted of outcasts and misfits who only had one thing in common: they needed a favor from the Inquisition. 

This is the story of that team.