Might of the Inquisition

Temple of Elemental Evil (Part 1): The Upper Works

Adventure 54

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Gnosis-On, Light, Glandrin Sunbeam, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Zimon

After beating the Wyrmmother in an old moathouse and recovering Zimon and Krusck from her clutches, the party ventures in the Temple of Elemental Evil with a rough “evil party” cover story. Zigfried von Schattenwerk‘s new Illithid thrall helps them get in the door. After some searching in the main chamber filled to the brim with brigands and other ne’er do wells, a hand of fate ritual and some keen eyes spot a trapdoor down to the first level: the Earth Temple.

Explored so far:
Temple of Elemental Evil Level 1

  • 112+113: Looted armories
  • 114: Most likely a prison, locked.
  • 115+118: Ghouls.
  • 119: Ransacked banquet hall.
  • 120: Kitchen.
  • 149: Heavily occupied room, most likely some kind of guard chamber.
  • 152: Torture chamber where Hans Ziegfrid and other prisoners were recovered from. The bugbear torturers were attempting to get the sigil sequence for Tarturia’s teleportation circles.



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