Might of the Inquisition

Temple of Elemental Evil (Part 3): Air Temple

Adventure 56

In Attendance: Mielka Dawnhammer, Raiden, Gurias Stormborn


Moving down into Dungeon Level 2, the party is confronted with a strange floor with tiles representing the elements in a seemingly random array. After a few attempts to bypass it using magic failed, some trial and error determined the pattern they needed to cross it successfully.

The room beyond the door contained the Air Temple with a central flickering portal. After some investigation, Kelemar Stormborn ambushed Gurias, so the party beat a tactical retreat into an adjourning hallway.

Out of danger for the moment, the party continue crawling the dungeon, sending Alfred J. Hootensworth around to scout, passing by a chained Owlbear and avoiding a few sentries thanks to some rituals.

The party encounters a fetid pool, and before long, are confronted with some kuo-toa. Raiden is “captured” and taken to their leader, Belsornig. Belsornig is a water giant who serves the Prince of Elemental Evil, Dagon. At first, Raiden attempts to bluff Belsornig into letting her think that they are with one of the other temples, but the attempt fails. However, Belsornig doesn’t seem to care too much about the party and they work out an agreement: in exchange for securing help from the Air Temple to summon a massive tidal wave to destroy the Halfling villages in Twilight, Belsornig will help get the party into the Fire Temple to attack Zumcantor while distracting his other forces.

Mielka’s amazing sense of dungeoneering gets the party to negotiate with Lanth of the Air Temple, an Air Genasi in a meditation chamber. He agrees to help use his ritual might to further Water’s goals, in exchange for taking out Kelemar so he can seize power in the Air Temple, and thus break the Air/Fire alliance.

Returning the Genasi to the Air Temple, the PCs move on Kelemar, who has bolstered his defenses a bit by summoning an Air Elemental. The Eladrin Sorcerer gets the jump on Gurias again, laying into his son with all manner of storm magic.

Gurias takes some abuse, and is pushed by the winds towards the central portal. When a particularly nasty blow wounds Gurias, Kelemar shouts “NOW! FULFILL THE PROPHECY!”, and an exceptionally large mind flayer emerges from the central circle and throws a fireball at the wizard. The fire causes Gurias to go down, but the flames do not last. Mielka springs into action healing the wizard and sanctifying the ground to protect them, much to the annoyance of Kelemar.

Gurias unleashes his magical might, shunting the mind flayer into the portal, who simply says “You will be mine yet, Stormborn” before being whisked away to who-knows-where. Raiden moves up to engages the villainous Sorcerer directly, who then tries to slip away using his travel magic. Gurias says “I’ll show you how powerful I’ve become, father” and unleashes a Grand Total on the area that Kelemar has moved into.

Reality tears asunder, blasting the elder Stormborn into nothing as he says “Such destruction. I’m proud of you, son.”

Gurias notes that no assistance came from the Water Temple, and Lanth moves in to take control of the Air Temple immediately. The party pops back to the ship to take a much-needed extended rest and recover from the injuries. Raiden protests since he is eager to face Zumcantor, but ultimately acquiesces. His revenge will soon be at hand.

Quest Completed: All players level up to 20.


  • Air: Advanced 2
  • Earth: Advanced 1
  • Fire: Advanced 1
  • Water: Advanced 4
  • Temple: 1st Seal Broken


Did anyone else noticed there’s going to be a Halfling holocaust if we don’t do something?


Yes, but it is currently low on our priority list atm. Kelemar is taken care of, so now Zumcantor is top priority. After that we might as well take out the dagon-worshipping water temple leader since we will have killed the leader of each other elemental temple.


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