Might of the Inquisition

Temple of Elemental Evil (Part 6): The Demon Queen Zuggtmoy

Adventure 59

Selected excerpts from the royal scrolls, as originally told by his highness Reschard the First, King of Tamhold. Some creative liberties may have been taken with His Majesty’s words by this scribe.

“…The heroes descended into the deepest depths of the Temple to confront the Demon Queen Zuggtmoy head on. Using the powers of the Princes of Elemental Evil, she had been the one directing the activities of the cult of the Chained God in Einland, spreading chaos, death, and destruction. The Queen of Decay, like her consort of so long ago, desired to tear everything down thread by thread.

8 heroes confronted her. They faced their very memories being torn from their minds. They struck against the corrupted angels that aided the worst of causes. They banished the massive disgusting cube of ooze. They traveled to the 4 hearts of Elemental Evil to sever the links, fighting flame, storm, earthquakes, and crushing waves. They even turned on each other against their will, and yet somehow, endured.

Light, champion of the Raven Queen, died 3 deaths to save us all. He was the one among us who perhaps was the biggest mystery, the most temperamental, and with the most figurative inner demons to control. When faced with a real demon, one that could have caused so much harm, he did not hesitate. In the end- and this time, I believe it is his final end- he lived up to his name, and outshone us all.

I learned the rest of their journey scant hours before they departed. Barely given a day of rest before they had to move on, they each spent it in ways that best suited them. Gurias was appointed Magister of Arborea. Glandrin’s work has paid off in the formation of the Elven nation Ithacarus, where his likeness will adorn the Elven battlements, marking him Eternal Defender. Mielka finally no longer has to deal with blood getting into her clothes and hair, as befits the Exarch of Moradin. Raiden seeks out Koshi, the voidsoul Genasi who is the only other remnant of the Goji school, and tells him to rebuild, passing on his teachings, and gains the title of Sage of Ages of the Goji school. The strange minotaur Gnosis-On spends the day in meditation, and unlocked something of the divine within himself. With the help of the Deva Samyaza, Bael unlocks his past memories, becoming part of the Soul of the World. Zimon departs back to the Elemental Chaos to reflect on what has happened.

Zigfried’s mental abilities have truly grown considerably since he first joined us at the behest of Ebbek. After he was in touch with his former order, he contacted me mentally. I found myself having perfect recall of all their journeys, even though I was not present at them. He bid me make a copy of all that has transpired, and bury it in a specific location so as to better inform our allies who continue the good fight far into the future. While it is disappointing that we know our efforts won’t be successful any time soon, I now believe that we are laying the groundwork for what is to come for an eventual victory, even if I am not around to see it. I trust that Pelor has a plan that will deliver us from darkness.

In the very beginning, there were 6 of us: myself, Gurias, Glandrin, Darian, Light, and Kurosh. We were soon joined by Alice Starr and Nohrik. Darian and I have since retired. Alice and Kurosh revealed themselves to be villains of the highest caliber. Nohrik and Light made the ultimate sacrifice. Of those of us misfits originally recruited not for some grand cause, but simply that we needed something that we couldn’t get for ourselves, Gurias and Glandrin continue on into the unknown. In the process, they have surrounded themselves with powerful allies whose fates are intertwined and have proven to be invaluable allies in the fight to save creation itself.

The Pelorite Prophecies have come to pass. The future that the Inquisition feared so much, while not without heartbreak and death, has not meant an end, but a new beginning for these lands. We will take the lessons of these past few years and rebuild stronger than ever, and forge ahead towards a brighter future. With the Etherium gone, we will have to be even more vigilant, and work together to ensure our survival.

To this end, I have asked that those with knowledge about what has happened use it only to inform about potential dangers, and not reveal the secret history of what has occurred here. The followers of the Chained God are still out there scheming. They have been dealt a major blow and it will take time to reorganize, but exposing the depths of our knowledge will only open us up to risk from those that remain and the lingering influence of the corrupted Etherium upon our world. This world is a dangerous place as it is, and we have much to lose in this period of rebuilding were we to make ourselves a target. While I am wary of secrets- for I can still feel the cold hand of Vecna- recent events have shown me that this may be the only way.

Some day, the truth will come out again as it invariably does. I can only pray by then we will be ready for it. Maybe by that day, my friends will return. I can only hope they see the wisdom of what I have done, even if it means that their efforts will largely have been kept to the shadows, just as they began.

This is the end of these chronicles, though my absent friends still have a grand journey ahead of them, I do not know if anyone will ever hear of these travels so they can receive the respect they deserve. My royal artists are working on a commission so that I may remember them, and some day, what they did can be revealed. For now, however, I must go. Elana will soon give birth to our first son, the heir to the throne of Tam. One final time, I give my deepest thanks, for there was a time that I wouldn’t have thought this possible.

King Reschard I of Tamhold"



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