Might of the Inquisition

The Kraken Is Released

Adventure 60

In attendance: Mielka Dawnhammer, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Raiden, Thorgrin Ryuk, Aerthuis Stormborn, Gurias Stormborn

After being assaulted by demons in the streets of Sigil, Thorgrin Ryuk barely escapes from a strange energy in the skies, and finds himself tossed into the mast of The Legacy, breaking it. After a short round of introductions, the party lands in the astral domain of Ligis, City of Exits.

Ligis is the home of everything that has ever been lost during magical travel, as they quickly spy random rifts opening and depositing junk in random places. For some of their questions, the party is pointed towards “The Storm Sage”, Aerthuis Stormborn. Gurias was surprised, especially after Aerthuris revealed that HE believed himself to be The Stormborn. However, being an amiable sort, the two agreed to travel together, especially after Gurias let slip that he had a spelljammer.

More research in town lead to talking to some of Ligis’s more interesting residences, who filled in the party on some of the more interesting locations of The Deep Astral. Further investigation suggested that each piece of the Rod of 7 Parts was guarded by the 7 Impossible Tasks, and trying to match them to astral domains might help.

Knowledge in hand, a teleportation circle was setup to Ligis, and several party members agreed to stay behind while others explore.

#dnd KRAKEN!!!!!!! on Twitpic

Upon exiting the color barrier, the party was assaulted by a Githyanki blockade, left behind by the two Githyanki fleets also fanning out and seeking the Rod. The battle attracted an Astral Kraken, who tried to crush and absorb The Legacy. While some party members battled the opposing crew, some focused on the Kraken, with Zigfried “souring the milk” and Mielka used her divine powers to try and calm the creature, which lasted long enough to deal with the obstacles and push the ship away from the beast. Meanwhile, the Githyanki vessel came apart, its captain going down with the ship.

  • Epic Deed: Mielka calmed the astral kraken.
  • Pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts Found: 0
  • Current Party Level: 21
  • Next Destination: The last known location of Feymin in the hopes that it will lead to the Lost Library.



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