Might of the Inquisition

Winter Is Going

Adventure 61

The party arrives on the Fey asteroid to encounter two warring courts who need to come together to be able to leave, while Alice Starr (reborn as an Exarch of Lolth) plays both sides.

The Prophecy of the Stormborn

Two of these are true, and one is false:

  • Answer the Unaswerable Question – Open the Way in the Court of Hungry Stars
  • Cast Shadows Without Light – The Prison of Carceri Contains the Defender of Shadow
  • Move the Immovable Object – The Tarrasque in the Forbidden Sanctuary Must Be Moved


  • Epic Deed: Aerthuis and Gurias united Summer and Winter.
  • Pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts Found: 0
  • Current Party Level: 21
  • Next Destination: Carceri, Prison of the Gods.



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