Might of the Inquisition

It's strong and it's sudden it can be cruel sometimes (But it might just save your life)

Adventure 62

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Gurias Stormborn, Gnosis-On, Mielka Dawnhammer, Raiden, Thorgrin Ryuk

Entering the divine prison-plane of Carceri, the heroes make a deal with a Balor to aid his escape in exchange for avoiding the gaze of the Demon Prince Graz’zt. The next island found the party assaulted by apocalypse spells bent on destroying life. They were halted by Aaqa, the last of the Builders, who restored Bael’s memories and shared with the rest of the party about the story of creation.

Once, there were just the Builders, seeding the multiverse with new creations. Eventually, they found they had made too much, and so introduced the Obyrinths. The Obyrinths were not what they intended, and became a force of destruction and evil in the universe. A battle was waged, leading to both sides’ near total annihilation. One Builder escaped into the prime world, but so did a shard of pure evil from the Obyrinths, which is what the Chained God took.

The Builder assisted the gods in the creation of the Chained God’s prison, but did not get along with the gods for a number of reasons. A group of 5 renegade angels known as the Watchers, each with a tie to mortal life, rejected the gods and took up their own campaign against the Chained God, not content to let him be imprisoned. Aaqa made two artifacts for them to help: the Jade Set to take away his power, and the Rod of 7 Parts. The Rod had 1 piece for each of the Watchers, plus 1 for Bael’s wife (a powerful but mortal sorceress) and 1 for their unborn child.

The attack on the Chained God in his prison went disastrously. Bael lost his memories. Azazel became a Rakshasa and fell to darkness. Samyaza lost his appearance. Penemue lost her form and became one with the language of creation. Shamsiel became lost to the storm. Bael’s wife was in danger of losing her child in the aftermath, so when the God of Death came for him, she challenged him and took his power, and became the Raven Queen. The child still did not make it, and was born a hideous, stillborn godling abomination.

That abomination was imprisoned in Carceri, and the only way to get the rod piece from it was to heal it, though it has never lived.

The group heads after the Atropal on the next island, and encounters it in a long dead town, where the sheer undead power continues to raise dark spirits to protect it. Gnosis and Gurias use the power of their Oath to combine a healing rune with the raw power of grand total, devastating the Atropal with healing force, assisted by Bael’s new mastery of his thousand lifetimes. More healing energy is poured onto the godling, returning it to life briefly for Bael to hold it as it dies and returns to the Raven Queen at last, and the party gains the first piece of the Rod of 7 Parts.

In order to escape, Bael agrees to return to Torog, God of Imprisonment and Torture, in Carceri once the Chained God is defeated. Bael has no intention of remaining a prisoner there and makes plans to take Torog’s power once the battle against the Chained God is over.

The Githyanki have released the Chained God, and is beginning to consume the Deep Astral. 6 pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts remain, but time is almost up. Aaqa the Builder warns that some difficult decisions might have to be made to stop him in time before he can unravel the universe, some decisions that won’t be as clear as the black and white that the gods would prefer.


  • Gained: The Rod of Atropos. Once per day, may return one creature to life with full HP, healing surges, and powers as if an extended rest had been taken.
  • Epic Deed: We forgot to assign it. My suggestion: “Bael talked the God of Imprisonment into allowing his escape”

Next Time
The Big Finale. Sunday, September 4th at Noon.

  • Level up to 26. Gain a 26th level item and a 30th level item, courtesy of Aaqa the Builder. Also please have a 30th level version of your character ready, and please level up and read through the new versions of your character in advance, to make sure that multiple people aren’t trying to use the character builder at the same time and that you know how to use your character once actually at the table.
  • In order to accomplish everything in time, the party will have to split up into two groups to tackle two rod piece adventures at the same time. You will be able to change parties in between each location, but be thinking about which places your character should go and which parties should try to tackle each task.

The Remaining Impossible Tasks

  • Extinguish the Eternal Flame: Guarded by the Devils of Inferno.
  • Stop the Irresistible Force: Cease the gears of the plane of Mechanus.
  • Move the Immovable Object: The Tarrasque is bound to the Forbidden Sanctuary.
  • Cast Shadows Without Light: The shadow-city of Gloomwrought contains this somewhere.
  • Answer the Unanswerable Question: Face the Court of Hungry Stars and deal with Allabar, Opener of the Way.
  • Unlock the Ultimate Prison: This has already been done by the Githyanki. Recover it from them and their red dragons.



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