Might of the Inquisition

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

The Forging of the Axe

The Soulforge is bustling with activity. Tartarus the Great Maker, his after-life body fashioned from Adamantine and clothed in ancient Nerathi robes, stokes the forge and mentors BH-005 on his new duties as keeper of the forge.

The corrupted sword Nightbringer is laid upon the forge, and work begins on first cleansing the artifact and returning the Dwarvish spirits within it to their dominance in the weapon. Then the metal will be melted down and the reforging will begin.

Tartarus addresses Mielka directly. “As the emissary from Moradin, this weapon will require your final blessing. And in this state of flux, the Axe can take many forms based on who will wield it. Within the 3 days, you will need to decide who shall carry it into battle. Take any counsel you need and let me know your decision.”

A conduit is opened between Mielka and Dwarfdom itself. The choices presented to her are:
  • Forge it into an Executioner’s Axe and give it to Bael Corvus. He is the most powerful warrior in the group, but his ideals may not agree with those of the Dwarvish Lords and lead to low concordance with the weapon.
  • Forge it into a Halberd (which is a kind of axe) and give it to Reschard Tam. He is a great leader with a noble heart with the most personal stake in the conflict. He may be called to lead instead of fight on the front lines, however, and his personal attachments may entangle him.
  • Forge it into a Greataxe- the weapon’s original form- and give it to Prince Gargin, deposed ruler from Sarta and exiled due to the giants’ takeover. An old friend to the Tams, yet little is known about the Prince himself.
  • Forge it into a Handaxe for Hans Zigfrid, Knight of Tarturia, and Council member of Alexandren. This blustery politician could wield considerable political power with the Axe in hand and do good for Dwarves everywhere, but seems unwilling to engage the giants directly.
  • Forge it into a combined Axe/Holy Symbol and keep it for yourself… and thrust yourself into the center stage in the war against the giants, titans, and the villainous Dyson.


Given the recent events, some of the party is deep in contemplation.

Shen One-Eyed has had his big secret revealed, and come within inches of giving up the Eye of Vecna. He has seen the face of Paldemar reaching towards him, only to be pushed back at the last second from ripping it out of his head. Though it would be a relief after all these years to have its presence gone… the price would be high. The questions are many: how to keep out of Paldemar’s undying clutches, how to deal with the others who now know, and most importantly, how to make a few coins in the process?

Zigfried von Schattenwerk pours over The Book of Tartarus. Maybe within these pages, or in another book, he will find a way to continue his duty to protect the Empire from aberrations… if the voices will let him.

Light sits in quiet contemplation (as he usually does), preparing for the major undertaking he will undergo once the Axe is completed. The forging of his soul presents the best chance of finally purging himself of his infernal soul, but also gives a high chance of death. He does not fear death, for he has faced it many times before. What he does fear is having failed his Lady when he goes to meet her again (as all things must.) Or worse- that the Archfey who he has signed a pact to will come collecting after death. Regardless, this may be his only opportunity for Light to shed his heritage.

Raiden stands in another one of the rooms, practicing the techniques taught to him by his master. Orcus’s invocation of Zumcantor’sname still burned in his mind. If only things had worked out differently in the fight, he could have used the power of an Exarch to gain revenge. He wouldn’t need to adventure with these other people any longer, who so often seem to actually avoid battle! The teachings of Master Gogi came back to him: “If you master only one style, your enemies will find a way to defeat that style. Only by mastering different forms will you become invincible.” And with those words repeated in his mind, Raiden works on retraining his Swordmage style to confront the next stages on his journey to ultimate mastery.

The Next Quest

There is a favor that demands some of the party’s immediate attention , but after that, the next group will have to decide on where to venture next. The quests still to be resolved are as follows:

  • Use the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords to defeat Dyson, the Maul of the Titans, and the armies of the Giants. This will possibly involve organizing a war.
  • Track down Azazel “the Emperor”, a Rakshasa and send his soul to the Raven Queen by properly killing him.
  • Use the cleansed etherium piece to travel back in time to visit the Great Alexandren Library and find out more about the Chained God.
  • Visit Aramath Teldorm in the Feywild and see how his Etherium-cleansing ritual is going.
  • Tangle with the Drow to get some rewards and/or upset the delicate balance of power in Phaervorul.
  • Something else entirely, like track down Paldemar, hunt the Gibbering Orb, manage your fish export business, etc.


(OOC) Omg Gurias demands credit for saving Shen’s Eye of Vecna! You also left out the obvious, sensical option for the axe to be reforged into an eladrin longsword/tome/orb :P

Gurias’ vote is for time traveling because, though we now possess the famed axe of legend, it would be wise to research both it’s use and what we’re up against in regards to the chained god.

@Mielka (IC): While you have my blessing with whatever decision you make, my suggestion would be to forge the axe to suit Reschard’s needs. He needs it’s powers most to defeat Tyson who tyrannically rules his kingdom. He may not be welcomed by his people if the revolution is led by a foreign Deva who worships the Raven Queen…no offense to Bael.

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

@ Bael (IC): While your prowess as a warrior is unquestionable I feel that allowing you to wield that Axe of the Dwarvish Lords would be folly. You have shown that you have a disregard for the safety of innocents and even the safety of this world. If allowed an easy path which would harm others than yourself you will take it to achieve your goal. Perhaps you still have much to learn from your many lives before and yet to come.

@ party (IC): I think there is no question that this artifact should be returned to the Dwarvish people in time. While you are all aware of the situation in Sarta and the kingdom of Tam I cannot speak without some bias. Dyson must be removed from power. And we know that despite what he has done not only to myself, my family and my kingdom that he does it for an even greater power in the chained god. What I once thought my path would be, removing Dyson from control of my kingdom and marriage to my love, has taken on a perhaps greater cause. We must take action against him. And with the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords we would be able to strike him down and remove his power over the giants and hopefully circumvent one of the prophecies.

@ Mielka (IC): I feel that the Axe of the Dwarvish lords should be returned to its original form. While I would be honored enter battle with this legendary weapon I am not of Dwarvish blood. I do not know what weilding the Axe of the Dwarvish lord entails but I must warn of one thing. I have made it no secret that I have been touched by Vecna. I know not what this may entail for my soul. I would not want to muddy once more the Axe of Dwarvish Lords if there were a danger due to that. Were I not chosen to hold this Axe I would recommend only one other. This is the great weapon of your people and should be returned to them. Prince Gargin has shown himself to be a great ally to the family Tam as well as our group. I feel that he would be the appropriate dwarvish champion to lead your people in the fight to destroy the Maul of Titans and the chaos that could come with it. We should stand with him.

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

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Bael Corvus looks down at what will be the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords with a heavy heart. Right now it is corrupted and tainted. He can sense its great power and noble ancestry, yet it has fallen even farther from grace than Bael himself. Looking at the adventuring party that have developed into more than just allies, but friends, Bael wonders what terrible danger his mere presence causes. He still does not know his great sin, nor does he know who still hunts him, but he does know that me must be strong to face the dangers.

To Mielka: “As a stalwart follower of Moradin, I ask you a favor. Consult your Lord God and ask unto him what he knows of Bael Corvus. I need to know about my past, what terrible sin I committed in this life that left my mind shattered and powers gone. I have found my power and now I must make amends. Tell Moradin that I would bear the axe in his name as steward until such a time as a true Dwarf Champion could prove himself. I would part with such a weapon, an artifact of a proud people’s without hesitation should it be required. Now is a time of war, and it may be that an executioner is needed. So swears Bael Corvus whose oath is his bond.”

To Reshard Tam: “You may never forgive me for the actions I took to bring down the corrupt Rakshasha-Emperor Azazel, but you must understand the weight of the past. You are the leader of our band, Tam, and it is your right to carry the Axe with Mielka’s blessing. However, you know the field of battle and the strengths of our band better than anyone. With the axe I will be more fierce than ever. As long as I bear the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, I will bind myself to the same oaths you now carry to free your land of Tam from the boots of the Giants and will defer to your leadership on the field of battle. So swears Bael Corvus whose oath is his bond.”

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

(after the other comments)

“I do not wish to cause problems, let the axe go to dwarves and Mielka wield it herself. As for the Chained God, we should go back and time and learn what we can of him. In theory, that would not delay our action against Dyson at all.”

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

@party (IC): friends, friends, forgive my lack of manners….all of my comments are listed in the forum. please check there for my thoughts on these issues and more!

Demon Queen's Enclave: Epilogue

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