Might of the Inquisition


Adrift at the End of the Universe

Thorgrin is the first to come to. One of the last to join the party and engage in their cause for the challenge of it, Thorgrin also sees that they may have paid a deep price after all. With the etherium shattered, they are adrift in the Ethereal Wastes, speeding away from the farthest corners of the universe at an alarming rate with no way to return. All of his energy gone, he collapses once again…

The End of the Dark Ages

In the days to come, they would call these the dark ages. When magic was under the grip of a tyrannical government and a decadent empire run by a corrupt monarch dominated the land. Disease, poverty, and war were common in these ages, it is said, though for reasons never fully explained, the history of this era became clouded and murky, making it not just the dark ages, but the lost era.

An impossible distance away, champions of the world took the fight to the Chained God. They knew that it meant they would likely never return to the world they knew. They sacrificed everything about their own lives to save us all from the scourge that even the gods feared. Assembled from across the far reaches of the universe and from various times, they came together, bound by circumstance, responsibility, and a shared oath to protect all of creation. In the end, they were successful. The Chained God was stopped, and for a time, the people of Einland could breath easy and rebuild. Though this was not an end to evil, a permanent stop to the forces of destruction and suffering, it was an important victory. Without their success, there could be no continuance, no future. Perhaps one day, their legacy would be carried on by those with a similar mission. Or maybe the battle against evil never ends. But without their sacrifice, we would never find out.

In the year 500, the sky rained fire. In 525, Ebbek the Inquisitor gathered a team together to investigate a powerful prophecy. Only some of that team remained, but the power of the prophecy was such to sweep up those who that team encountered into a greater cause. From there, the team changed from being a loose group who needed a favor to the most important heroes that the world will never know.

Yet, their legacy would not end…

A Parting of the Ways

The heroes awake to find themselves in the halls of the Divine. After the Chained God was destroyed and the etherium prison scattered, they were able to come in and help repair some of the damage, as well as rescue the party from their fate. However, the world is too small for the power the heroes now possess. As Ebbek tells them, this is likely the last time any will see each other again, and to say their goodbyes.

Final Fates

Glandrin, having held off one of the most destructive forces in the universe by himself, was not seen again. But it is said that the Eternal Defender is out there, holding off the horrors at the edge of the universe so that the rest of us can go on.

Gnosis is visited by the last vestiges of the watcher Penemue. She imbues him with the Words of Creation so that he may carry on as she fades away. Gnosis appears before his people and declares that he has the power to end the minotaur curse of rage for any who would follow him and his teachings. While it will ultimately be their choice whether to accept this or not, at least for the first time, they have a choice.

Raiden has destroyed the Zumcantor style forever and avenged his school and his master by developing the most advanced sword technique ever known. Realizing that he could not let this technique fall into the wrong hands, he hangs up his sword and founds his own school in the depths of the Elemental Chaos, to be passed on to those found worthy.

Zigfried has peered into the structure of the universe through the junction in Mechanus, and becomes one with the universal consciousness, hearing the voices of all living creatures everywhere. But for the first time, he is happy to hear all the voices.

Weepy the Mind Flayer survived. He continues to weep.

Mielka is called upon by Moradin to retreat from the mortal world to help run the tavern in his divine realm. “Unfortunately,” he says, “the only patrons seem to be cute Dwarven men…”

Aerthurius has become one with the spellstorm, stretching back and forward in time to be harnessed by those in the Feywild that have need of it. Maybe some day he will manifest in person again. Whether this will be a day of greatness or catastrophe remains to be seen.

Gurias returns to Arborea, hundreds of years from when he left, where he and his family’s names are officially pardoned. A massive celebration ensues, the likes of which has never been seen. In the morning, the Magister of the Fey is gone, retreated to who knows where to construct his tower and continue his magical studies in private. Months later, an Eladrin barmaid in Arborea nurses a swollen belly.

Thorgrin returns to Sigil to take revenge on the demons who drove him to stowaway on the Legacy, teaching them not to mess with the Indomitable Champion. His last business wrapped up, Thorgrin retires to his own farm to raise a family and breed unicorns, the crew of the Legacy helping him to tend to the fields.

Bael appears in the divine prison of Carceri. “You haven’t forgotten our bargain, have you?” says Torog, God of Jailors. Bael responds “You haven’t forgotten ours, have you?” The god looks at him quizzically. Bael responds “Our bargain was that I come here. Not that I stay here.” The Divine Executioner unholsters his axe, and charges.

Roll Credits

Two links of chain float away in what’s left of the Deep Astral at incredible speeds. Zoom in to the chains. They light up with red eyes.




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