Zimon [Retired]

Githzerai Rrathmal in search of challenge and adventure.


Zimon is a young githzerai monk who grew up in the Elemental Chaos and has traveled with a Rrakma (githzerai hunting party) as a Rrathmal for years but has now set off on his own and met up with Gurias, Bael, and Raiden on their quest shortly before Bael was killed.

He was happy to rejoin the party of Light, Zigfried, and Reschard and lead them on their quest into the Abyss to retrieve some Primordial Ooze. Upon their return, he stayed behind to close the portal between the Plane of Infinite Portals and the Gornobi Desert. He closed the portal shortly before a balor and legions of demons caught up with the party, and his fate was unknown for a time.

Zimon was found, being tortured by a Black Dragon, at the entrance to the Temple of Elemental Evil. He helped the Chosen in their quest to get through the Temple and in defeating Zuggtmoy. When the Chosen flew their spelljammer through the gateway within Sigil, Zimon stayed behind in the material world/Elemental Chaos.


Zimon [Retired]

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