Glandrin Sunbeam


Elven Fighter/Warden/Swordmaster


Glandrin was born on a misty morning in late winter. As he came forth from the womb and cried out for the first time, a solitary ray of sunlight streamed forth through the fog and darkness, and touched upon his forehead. Dawn had arrived. Witnessing this, Haelsa the tribal historian then proclaimed: "This one shall be called Glandrin, the Sunbeam, for he shall be a ray of light that cuts through the darkness. He shall be the dawn that ends the long night."

Since his birth, Glandrin has trained tirelessly to hone his skills. Eschewing the traditional hit-and-run fighting techniques practiced by his countrymen, Glandrin chooses to stand firm and fight face to face, up close. Having lived for many years, he has fought many battles, and slain many foes. He has tracked creatures through the farthest reaches of the Elven lands. And he has seen many elves needlessly killed at the hands of ruthless monsters.

Sensing that his people would need something more than just grit and determination, he has traveled to Alexandren to see what aid the Inquisition can provide.

Glandrin Sunbeam

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