Gurias Stormborn

Eladrin Wizard trying to redeem himself from his hard-partying lifestyle


For many generations, the Stormborns have thrived as a dominant, ruling family of magistrate nobility in the magnificent Eladrin city of Arborea: one of the Feywild’s many beautiful floating communities. The exact history behind their name is locked away amongst family tomes, but the common belief comes from their supremacy in the world of the arcane. Many of their family have been touched by the arcane and develop into some of the most powerful sorcerers in recorded history. Even those who are not so gifted devote their entire lives to studying the wild energies of the Feywild and become renowned wizards. The birth of Gurias Stormborn brought their heritage into question as his mother, Caelynna, brought him into the Feywild during one of the most tumultuous eldritch storms in recent memory. His coming brought forth quite a commotion amongst the Eladrin community with many claiming him to be a prophet , messiah, and even a newborn god. His early childhood was characterized by rapid intellectual development and success in his studies at the Arborean Magi Academy, but it was soon discovered that he lacked the innate attunement to the arcane that sorcerers possess and many of his “followers” abandoned hope. Regardless, Gurias could not go anywhere through the Eladrin cities without notice as his name carried much weight.

Unfortunately for Gurias, his great intellect and knack for arcane studies could not overcome the flaws in his personality which led to his most recent fate. His childhood of fame combined with his family wealth led to an adolescent who was full of arrogance with an immense love for the fine pleasures in life. He began to deprive his studies in lieu of less important matters like fashion, eating the finest of foods, and becoming a regular attendee to some of the finest parties amongst nobility. By the age of twenty, he became more known for his love of the opulent than the arcane.

Gurias’ increasingly hedonistic lifestyle ultimately led to his current demise and brought great shame to his noble family’s name. While those on the material plane know Arborea for its place in the skies, it remains grounded during its cycle in the Feywild. During one cycle, on the morning after Gurias’ 20th nameday, Arborea was assaulted by a massive force of Formorians from underground tunnels emerging from within the undercity. A day-long battle ensued with the Eladrin being the ultimate victors, but with great cost to both the city and the Stormborn family with the death of Caelynna Stormborn, who honorably met her end defending the Magi Academy. All the while, Gurias’ was unconscious from his previous night of merriment and revelry.

Word spread rapidly of Gurias’ irresponsibility and he was brought before a counsel of his magistrate peers, lead by his father, Kelemar. They unanimously felt he brought shame to the Academy, to his family, and to the Eladrin as a whole and banished him into exile to the material in the hopes he may gain an appreciation for more important aspects to life and gain a greater sense of accomplishment and responsibility. Being lost amongst the world of humans, he felt it appropriate to start his new life in the great city of Alexandren, where the next chapter of his life begins…..

Gurias Stormborn

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