Kelemar Stormborn


Eladrin Storm Sorcerer


Kelemar Stormborn is the father of Gurias Stormborn, husband to Caelynna, and formerly an influential magistrate of the Arborean Magi Academy. Kelemar thought he was the prophecised Stormborn until his son was born under an even greater sign. He watched and grew more disapproving of his child every day, as he did not nearly have the same raw arcane talent of the rest of his family.

Gurias continued to be a disappointing son, more interested in partying than his studies. Kelemar heard that a Fomorian attack was coming, so he spiked one of Gurias’s drinks to show the world that Gurias was not the champion they were looking for. In a way, he succeeded, but he did not know his wife would end up being involved in the battle, and paid her life as a price.

Incensed but stubborn, he let Gurias take all the blame, and made sure he was exiled.

Upon Gurias’s return to Arborea, he led up the prosecution, hoping to see the truth suppressed. However, he did not count on an insightful Gnome with a Deck of Many Things finding and revealing the truth.

Last the party heard, Kelemar was being arrested by the Eladrin guards and dragged away.

Kelemar Stormborn

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