Light [Destroyed]

A Warlock who hates (and fears) his curse


Tiefling Warlock/Feytouched


Light was abandoned at infancy in the Forest of Bael Turath, whether by
circumstance or wish by his birth parents. He was found before he could die
by a couple of human adventurers. These adventurers, a man and a woman, took
Light in and raised him as their son.

They were also exploring forests across continent. Light felt at home in the
forests and loved his adoptive parents.

In his thirteenth year, during an exploration of the Forest of Bael Turath, the
adventuring company that Light and his parents were with was ambushed and
slaughtered. Light, himself, was forced to watch as his parents were stabbed
to death by the attackers. Finally, his own throat was slit and he began to
black out.

During the blackout, Light encountered the Raven Queen who offered him revenge
and his life, in exchange for serving her. Light accepted and was granted his
life back. The attackers had long since fled.

Light spent the next 5 years, hunting down the mysterious group and looking for
a path to gain enough power for his revenge. He found it one day when an archfey
approached Light on a visit to the Forest of Bael Turath to mourn his parents.

A pact was offered and Light agreed. The archfey then disappeared without a word
or without adding a condition to the pact. Light wasn’t too concerned as he know
had the power he wanted.

Finally, Light managed to find, confront, ultimately slaughter the majority of
the group that took his family’s life. However, when confronting the leader,
he learned why his family had been targeted.

The leader had needed the blood of a tiefling with direct lineage to the kings
of the ancient empire of Bael Turath. Light was such a tiefling. The blood was
needed for an immortality potion.

In his horror at being the indirect cause of his adoptive parents death,
Light lashed out at the leader with eldritch energy, disintegrating the leader.

Contemplating suicide after finally having his revenge, Light was visited in
dreams again by the Raven Queen who reminded him of his pledge.

With no real purpose in life any more and ashamed of his heritage, Light gave
himself to wandering the continent, until he was called by the Inquisition.

He wears heavy robes to try to disguise his red skin and other infernal features. He is generally quiet, and has not shared the details of what the Inquisition has promised him.

Light [Destroyed]

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