Mielka Dawnhammer


Dwarven Cleric/Divine Oracle


Mielka is best met through her adventure log, which is on my blog. Short story, she's been described as the Valley Girl Cleric of Moradin. She's bright and bubbly, verging on annoying at times, but so adorable that you can't help but love her. Moradin has called her to be a healer, so she's all about the healing powers. I gotta write her mid-story to explain how she left her old party and ended up getting from level 4 to 11.

MID-STORY (how Mielka is getting from her old campaign to her new one):

So there I was in the bar of the Slumbering Drake, downing a ton of ale through this awesome hat with straws when this group of dwarves come in. And let me tell you, these were not normal dwarves. These were cute burly man dwarves. Ohhhhh Moradin, were they cute! I haven't seen any decent looking dwarven men since I started adventuring and following my destiny, so it was a very nice thing to see, if you catch my drift.

I waddled over to their table and realized that I was probably a lot drunker than I thought I was originally and I kinda barfed on this one elf at the table before the dwarves. Oh, it was bad. I was soooooo embarrassed. The elf said some nasty words in Elven (I remember Helion using similar words to yell at orcs.) and left the tavern area.

But the dwarves were like totally cool with it. They roared with laughter and tossed me a towel. The redheaded one spoke up first. "Well there Miss Mielka, at least we know how much ale you can hold now!"

So I was like, wait, they know my name. How do they know my name? Am I famous? I don't remember being famous outside of Cillamar. Oooh, unless a bard wrote a song about me, but I don't think we really met any bards. Either way, the wheels in my mind must have been squeaking pretty loud because the redhead continued:

"I'm sure you're wondering how we know who you are. We're here because Moradin sent us to find you. He appeared to our cleric, the great priest Morral Dargur. Morral is very old and has been searching for someone who can be Moradin's voice in the world when he leaves us to become immortal. Moradin appeared to him and told him that you are his Chosen One and that Morral should seek you out and train you. He did mention you would appear to be an unlikely heroine. He was certainly right!"

The redheaded dwarf chuckled again. He had a deep round laugh a lot like my father's but of course in a totally sexy and not creepy kind of way. But I was certain that meeting this Morral guy was way more important than getting it on with some redhead I just met, so I asked where I could find Morral.

They led me up the stairs of the inn and into the biggest room I'd ever seen in my life. I mean, seriously, I didn't even know inns had rooms this big. It was huge! Big giant bed, big giant dresser, big giant couch, big giant table with big giant chairs. I mean, not giant-giant, obviously, but big. Y'know, giant. But not giant.

Anyway. Morral was in the bed. He was super old. I mean, like probably great-great-great-great-great grandwarfie old. He called me to his bedside and took my hands in his. At first I was like, ew, clammy old people hands, and then this feeling of intense sparkly energy went straight through me. And there I was, standing before the All-Father with Morral.

Moradin smiled at us. "Good to see you again, Mielka," he said, and winked. "Better circumstances this time." He laughed a big Moradin laugh and took a swig from a tankard I swear was not in his hand a second earlier. It must be awesome to be Moradin, I thought. "It is," the Soul-Forger said, laughing as I jumped back.

Anyway, I can't really tell you EVERYTHING Moradin said because some of it is like top secret only between me and Morral and the Soul-Forger stuff but I can say that holy crap, Moradin wants me to be the next Morral, which is kind of intimidating but cool at the same time. I mean, I don't want to be all old and white and wrinkly, but it would be super cool to be a demigod and well, if I can get a tankard of ale to appear out of thin air, that would be sweet too.

Oh, and that whole defending the world against evil and being a good representation of the All-Father on the material plane, I think I'd be pretty good at that except for the fact that I'm not a dude. Not that it matters that I'm not a dude, it's just that I'd have to be like the All-Mother or something like that.


Moradin told me that he'd take care of my adventuring buddies and that I needed to train with Morral and then go into the Underdark to deal with some very bad dwarves who were so bad they weren't even called dwarves anymore. Hearts as black as coal, these former dwarves. They betrayed Moradin and sold their souls to devils and demons. The fewer of them on the material plane, the better the world will be for good people.

As soon as my training with Morral was done, I vowed to Moradin that I would eliminate these horrible excuses for dwarves. After all, the world needs more room for GOOD and Mielka is gonna BRING IT!

Mielka Dawnhammer

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