Genasi Swordmage/Shielding Swordmage


Raiden is a living thunderstorm: nature's wrath incarnate. His pupil-less white eyes and white crystal "hair" betray his elemental origin. Lightning crackles over his body, and arcs between his longsword and his skin. Standing near him, a natural creature feels a chill breeze and has its hairs stand on end.

 Born twenty years ago in the Elemental Chaos, Raiden was admitted to the Raikou school of swordmagic as soon as he could walk. His life was devoted to learning the secrets of swordmagic, and by his sixteenth birthday he was one of the school's most promising students.

That year, however, his school was attacked by the treacherous, rival Kaji school. Raiden and his comrades fought valiantly but were outnumbered three-to-one—in the end they were slaughtered at the hands of the Kaji school. Raiden's master, Gogi, was defeated at the hands of the Kaji master, the githyanki swordmage Zumcantor. Raiden's school was razed and all survivors finished off. All except Raiden. Escaping the notice of the murderous Kaji students, Raiden dragged himself from his burning school and fled to safety, from that day swearing vengeance against Zumcantor and his disciples.

Now as the sole surviving practitioner of the Raikou style, Raiden wanders the planes working as a mercenary, aiming to hone his swordmagic to the point where he can challenge and defeat Zumcantor, avenging his school and his fallen master.


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