Reschard Tam [Retired]

King of Tam, Former Adventurer


Human Warlord/Twiceborn Leader


Reschard is the King of Tam and husband of Elana. He will be known as the Slayer of Giants, Toppler of Dyson the Betrayer, and Destroyer of Ragnarok in the centuries to come.

His letter to his former adventuring companions:

My Friends-

It is with a strong will and a heavy heart that I have decided to leave you. I realize that there is still a great danger that looms over our world but I cannot ignore my responsibilities. The kingdom of Tam is still in recovery and has been without a true king in many years. I will do my best to support you in any way Tam can. We will continue to investigate into Dyson’s control of Sarta and what that may mean for your quest. I am sorry I cannot any longer stand at your side in battle. But it is not a place for a king on the field of battle, it is the place of knights. The last thing I can do for you all is give you such titles.

I dub you all knights of Tam.

I have left to return to Tam and care for its peoples. If you ever have need of me you have only to call. I have left the sending stone with this note. I ask you to someday join Elana and myself in Tamhold for a feast befitting returning heroes and a true knighting ceremony. Farewell and be safe my friends.



Reschard Tam, last son of the once great family of Tam. The Tams were rulers of a small kingdom in Sarta. The land of Tam was a mining community. While not wealthy, they prospered well under the fair and even rule of the family of Tam. The primary cause of their woes being the constant attacks from giants who also lived within the bounds of their mountain kingdom. Attacks on mines and caravans of supplies while not common were not acceptable. Though attempts to make peace with the giants were sought, they were never achieved.

Reschard's brother, Mydas, took the throne when their father took ill and then eventually passed away. He married a beautiful girl, Elana, from a surrounding kingdom as is choice of kings within their lands. Even though they tried to avoid it, both Reschard and Elana fell in love. They did well to keep this secret to themselves for neither wished to break the heart of Mydas. Reschard loved his brother and despite his feelings for Elana did not wish to betray their vows of marriage. Elana could not leave her marriage from Mydas due to the strict religious beliefs of Sarta. And beyond that Mydas was a good man. He was strong, honest, and fiercely loyal to his people. The only way for her to remarry would be upon Mydas' death.

And so it went for many years that their love remained hidden. Until the employ of Dyson, a cunning aide to Mydas, began seeking once again to find a temporary peace with the giants. Headway had been made and a meeting of truce was intended on the long night of the solstice. Mydas himself was to meet with the leader of the giants and sign the pact.

But the night before the truce was to be signed Dyson revealed to Mydas letters of love written between both Reschard and Elana. Mydas threw himself into a fit of rage. He struck out violently at his beloved brother Reschard. Reschard took each blow his brother brought upon him, though he would not return a single one. In the end of the bloody beating Mydas exiled Reschard from the kingdom, and threatened him with death upon his return. With permission a portal was opened and Reschard was sent from the kingdom into unknown provinces.

Distraught Mydas refused to meet with the giants the following night. The giants enraged and attacked many of the outlaying villages in their kingdom with a viciousness never known before.

Upon this same night, Reschard later learned, that his brother was found dead. Of causes he has yet to learn. Elana was now free to marry as she wished but was at a loss of what action to take. Reschard her true love was gone from the kingdom and the land was under siege.

Then, Dyson, offered a plan of action to save their beloved kingdom of Tam. Elana should marry him. He was, after all, versed in the truce meetings with the giants and as king he could speak with them in regards of peace. Elana, distraught with the loss of her love, death of her husband, and the burning funeral pyres of her people conceded.

Immediately the attacks stopped. The giants signed the new truce with Dyson and it has since held.

Upon hearing the happenings within his lands Reschard could only think that Dyson must have planned this all. Away from his lands and exiled upon pain of death the only option available would be for Elana to remarry. However the strict rules of their religion do not allow the ending of marriage without the consent of the church. Upon hearing the offer of the inquisition Reschard knew that they could make the church revoke the marriage of Dyson and Elana. She could then marry Reschard, return the lands to him, and allow him to enter the kingdom of Tam once again. Then finally he could determine Dysons plot with the giants and put it to an end.

Reschard Tam [Retired]

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