Might of the Inquisition

Temple of Elemental Evil (Part 1): The Upper Works
Adventure 54

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Gnosis-On, Light, Glandrin Sunbeam, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Zimon

After beating the Wyrmmother in an old moathouse and recovering Zimon and Krusck from her clutches, the party ventures in the Temple of Elemental Evil with a rough “evil party” cover story. Zigfried von Schattenwerk‘s new Illithid thrall helps them get in the door. After some searching in the main chamber filled to the brim with brigands and other ne’er do wells, a hand of fate ritual and some keen eyes spot a trapdoor down to the first level: the Earth Temple.

Explored so far:
Temple of Elemental Evil Level 1

  • 112+113: Looted armories
  • 114: Most likely a prison, locked.
  • 115+118: Ghouls.
  • 119: Ransacked banquet hall.
  • 120: Kitchen.
  • 149: Heavily occupied room, most likely some kind of guard chamber.
  • 152: Torture chamber where Hans Ziegfrid and other prisoners were recovered from. The bugbear torturers were attempting to get the sigil sequence for Tarturia’s teleportation circles.
Interlude: The Cleansing of the Etherium

The ritual components had not come easy. Raiden confronted the tragedies of his past and lost a mentor in order to gain a captured Djinni. Reschard Tam had to search his faith to justify taking Pure Sunlight from Hestavar, the Bright City. Zimon the planar guide was lost in the Abyss recovering some spawning ooze. Time and great expense was taken turning the Legacy into a spelljammer to recover wind from Pandemonium. Istarmani did not die easily, his tears being taken from him after being hit with one of the most powerful spells ever crafted.

Five major elements of the ritual that promised to do so much: cleanse the Etherium of the corruption of the Chained God. Doing so would mean that the tears in reality would cease, the borders between planes wouldn’t be torn apart, and aberrations would not find it as easy to enter our world. Aramath Teldorm spent long hours developing the ritual, and is overjoyed to see it done.

Gurias helps with the ritual, delicately handling the rare components and lending his magical expertise. The entire process would take about a day. The rest of the party takes the time to do a bit of resupply and restocking in the floating city of Arborea, before retiring to The Legacy nearby.

A grueling 23 hours passes of chanting, mixing, gesturing, and casting. It is then when the ritual really begins to kick in. The final focus: the piece of pure Etherium Gurias recovered from the future. Energy begins to cascade out, first from the focal point, then in all directions, the arcane college of Arborea literally shaking with the energies unleashed, shifting the material through its phases through sympathetic magic. “It’s working!” Aramath cries, his many years of magical research finally accomplishing something great.

But then… it becomes clear that something is going wrong. The energy pouring out isn’t subsiding. Aramath flips to the next page of the ritual, and finds it replaced with a simple note:

“Sorry Son. -Kelemar”

Aramath and Gurias work to try to contain the energy, but it’s too late. Ripples of pure magic force rip through the laboratory, shattering vials and ripping apart books. Aramath can only look in horror as the spell is unleashed and arcane energy begins to fill the room with a blinding white light. Aramath turns to Gurias and mouths “I’m sorry” before firing off one last spell.

Before he can react further, Gurias finds himself teleported outdoors. It takes him a second before the feeling of deja vu overcomes him: he knows where he is. All that time ago, in the Ghost Tower, he found himself on this mountainous outcropping. Arborea, the luminous floating city he was destined to protect, goes careening into the sea as many of the Eladrin topple off. The emerald towers burn. Gurias realizes what has happened: the Etherium used to hold Arborea aloft has disappeared.

In the Legacy, the rest of the party looks across the continent and sees the green lights of the Etherium protected cities begin to go out. The Etherium-cleansing ritual has worked, after a fashion. All of the Etherium in Einland is gone.

Using the airship, along with the remaining arcane college members, Arborea is kept afloat, fires are put out, and some of those who fell into the sea are recovered. There are casualties (including Aramath), and they are mourned, but the Eladrin city will recover and endure, as it has done for many centuries. Gurias is not blamed for what happened, but it is quickly discovered that Kelemar has escaped. Scrying rituals are cast to track him, however, they are only partially successful. It seems he has gone somewhere near the sleepy town of Hommlet.

This can only mean one thing: Kelemar Stormborn is at the Temple of Elemental Evil, and he serves the Chained God.


  • Between the remnants of the Inquisition’s famous treasury and time spent in Arborea, each PC gains 21,000 gp (that can be spent on any regularly available magic items) AND a 21st level magic item of their choice.
  • All boons expire. This includes Raiden’s bladesinger training, Mielka’s boon from Melora, and Nohrik’s Blessing.
  • Each PC gains a new boon, listed under Player Rewards.
  • Quest Completed: Each PC levels to 19. Expect to get to 20 and 21 throughout the course of the Temple of Elemental Evil, which should be between 4-6 sessions.
  • Get ready for some serious dungeon crawling action.
The Final Battle for Alexandren
Adventure 53
  • Reschard Tam leaves a letter stating that he is leaving the party to attend to his kingdom, and makes the rest of the party Knights of the Kingdom of Tam. (See his page for his letter.)
  • The party arrives in Alexandren at the Stone Pony and find they cannot affect the aberrations, even by using the ship’s weapons, and they cannot even give the order to fire on the creatures. Ebbek boards the ship with Gnosis-On, a minotaur of few words who has been trying to meet the party.
  • The remnants of the last order of the Inquisition (the Cerulean Order) and a number of other refugees are taken to the sewers.
  • Alice Starr is there, as a “Servant of Pelor” and wants to be taken along as the party goes after Istarmani. She has the other 3 pieces of the Jade Set and will only provide them for use against Istarmani if she is allowed to come along.
  • Zigfriend and the rest of the Inquisition go off to fight the Gibbering Orb.
  • An army of drow stand guard outside the Black Spire, Alice’s subterfuge and some quick illusions get the party inside. There, they are met by Jhaelyn, from Phaervorul, who wants to take revenge on the party for abandoning him after they said they would defeat the Matron. The party breaks the illusion to fight.
  • Alice uses Bow Before Me and pushes them away with Lolth’s power, and Gurias seals the entrance with a Wall of Fire. The drow are dispatched, and the party ascends the Black Spire.
  • At the top, they find Istarmani dangling several children out the window, and wishes to talk before they fight, or else he’ll drop the children. Alice and Light say that they should just attack, while the others urge caution. Istarmani recounts his 1000 year past, from his imbuing as an Archfey to protect the material world, to his falling out at Nerath with Istarya and Istarkoi, to being stripped of his power by Istarya then recovering his power hundreds of years later… only to be corrupted by Alice’s (and Lolth’s) machinations. His chance to rule Alexandren was robbed by the party, though he did finally get revenge on Istarya. And now, he’ll use the aberrations to conquer the world and get his empire after all.
  • The kids are tossed down the stairs, and the fight begins. Istarmani becomes encased in a Prismatic Sphere, and also splits into 6 Mirror Images.
  • The Jade Set is used to draw away some of Istarmani’s power as he moves about the battlefield, forcibly shunting his foes into the Feywild and casting powerful magic spells.
  • Mielka pronounces Doom upon Istarmani, and Gurias casts Grand Total, causing an immense amount of damage to Istarmani’s Prismatic Shield, but also some damage to the rest of the party. Istarmani’s power grows out of control, and the top of the Black Spire is ripped off, shattering the immense Etherium crystal above it.
  • Istarmani attempts to use Telekinesis to toss various party members off the edge, but they stand their ground. Gnosis-On is eventually tossed off, but his magic boots enable him to shrug it off and come back up on the stairs.
  • Alice is knocked out of the fight, and the party grabs the rest of the Jade Set to finish the job against Istarmani. A final blast pushes back Istarmani whose body goes flying off the edge as it begins to discorporate. Light teleports to the fey’s body and decapitates it as it dissolves into nothing. The rest of the tower shrieks as it begins to collapse from Istarmani’s last pull of telekinesis causes it to fly apart, sending Alice’s unconscious body into the rubble.
  • The party escapes the crumbling tower. They attempt to find Alice’s body (and the 2 pieces of the Jade Set she still had with her) but find no sign of it. The remaining drow have fled.
  • Upon returning to the Stone Pony, the party finds that Ebbek the Inquisition perished in the conflict, but they were successful in stopping the Gibbering Orb and cleaning up the aberrations. While it would be a long time to rebuild, life and civilization could return to the ruins of Alexandren… and something new can be built. Ebbek was old, and his wife had already passed on, so he went on in peace.
The Balor Strikes Back
Adventure 51

In attendance: Raiden, Reschard Tam, Light, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Zimon, Kallista

The party comes to the conclusion that the Abyssal ooze is the only obtainable piece of the etherium-cleansing ritual, so they recruit Zimon to help them. He has investigated a place in the Gornobi Desert that contains an abyssal “bleed.” After constructing some blessed jars to contain the demon ooze they seek, they set off into the desert. Along the way they encounter a monstrous cloud ray hiding in an oasis, backed up by a “sand shark”, or graboid. A group of desert Tieflings joins in the fight, at first hindering then helping.

The leader of the tieflings, Kallista, talks to the party about life fighting the demons who come through. She leads them to her encampment, where some of the energy is strongest. An old tiefling woman recognizes Light (changed as he has become) and tells a story about his parents who abandoned him in a nearby forest, hoping for the best for him in the company of Dragonborn when they left for the North.

Zimon informs the party that the way to open the gate is to use abyssal resonance: sacrifice being the easiest way, while negative emotions can also power it. Zimon has a few choice words for the Tieflings as well that serve to rile them up, while the party each focuses on their pain and rage. Combined with a spell from Light, the portal opens. However, they realize that the only way to close it will be for someone to stay behind on the other side.

The party with Kallista ventures into the Abyss and along the Plane of Infinite Portals. Zimon’s planar tracking leads them along the way as the place chokes the life out of the party. They arrive at the portal to one of the spawning grounds, and dive in.

The chaotic nature of the portal separates the party around the place. A gigantic statue of Orcus dominates the center, while various demons patrol, including one pissed-off Balor that the party previously encountered in the past.

Raiden engaged the Balor head on, using his master techniques to deflect the Balor’s blows, as the rest try to recover the ooze. Zigfried scoops some in, but the ooze isn’t content to stay put and attacks him, leaving a foul disease in his system. Reschard draws the attention of some of the demons by using the Battle Standard as bait, which causes him to drop. Both Zigfriend and Light manage to escape with jars of ooze, and Zimon leaps across the battlefield to shove Reschard’s unconscious body back through the portal before escaping himself.

The forces of the Abyss are right behind them as they run back to the home portal. There’s a brief discussion on who is to stay behind and close the portal. Zigfried feels he might be done for due to the disease, while Zimon offers that he has the best chance of survival… though he wouldn’t mind it if a potential mind flayer sacrifices himself instead. The Monk eventually decides to do the right thing and stays behind, focusing his will to snap the portal shut behind everyone else, as the party sees him take cover against the oncoming Balor…

Return to the Tomb of Horrors
Adventure 50

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Raiden, Light, Reschard Tam, Gurias Stormborn, Zigfried von Schattenwerk

  • As word gets back that Elana’s time grows short, the party leaves for the Tomb of Horrors beneath the Ghost Tower of Inverness to recover her soul from Paldemar. They take with them a rough map of the Tomb as it used to be and a hired Kobold trap-expert.
  • Using the first ritual he learned during his travels, Gurias uses the portal in the Tower to descend into the Tomb. Light detects a Shadowfell rift underneath.
  • The Tomb has fallen into disrepair, and the legendary traps and tricks have long since rusted into dust. However, it proves no less deadly when the party comes upon a three and a half-armed gargoyle statue in a room with random gravity. Raiden is tossed painfully about the room, and the gargoyle uses its many attacks to rip apart Gurias, causing his death. The party rescues the Swordmage from the walls and recovers Gurias’s body while retreating. They begin to exit when a phantom of Paldemar appears and tells them that any death in the Tomb leads to him gaining their trapped soul. He offers an immediate exchange of the Eye of Vecna for Gurias’s soul, with the followup that he will Elana’s soul for the Hand. They eventually agree to trade for Gurias, giving him the Eye, but stop short of anything else and deciding to venture onto the dungeon.
  • Through the scouting prowess of the kobold and Sir Alfred J. Hootensworth III, the party is able to avoid a deadly elemental vent, and then be prepared to face the false Acererak construct where the last party was killed. He is joined by reanimated versions of Adrie and Darkhul, which the party cuts down.
  • An intersection presents a choice to the party, with one way being the more obvious route to the goal, and the other with crying and calls for help. Gurias casts Hand of Fate and asks it which way to get to Paldemar’s phylactery, which points north away from the crying. With the second question, Reschard asks which party member is most likely to betray the others, which points at a confused and nervous Raiden. Finally, they ask about greatest treasure, which points to the north. They soldier north.
  • The final room, a massive room filled with pillars, contains both the feared demilich Acererak and Paledmar himself, who get the drop on the party, and use a necrotic web to pin down the party outside. Gurias’s Mass Resistance manages to give the party an edge against the attacks, but still finds a difficult challenge in the demilich, instead choosing to focus fire on Paldemar. Bael’s soul is sucked into one of the demilich’s gems just as Paldemar discorporates.
  • Acererak tells the party that Paldemar will reform shortly thanks to the shadowy energies, but while he is gone, the demilich is freed. He says that the phylactery is behind one of the Devourers, the stone faces crafted in Acererak’s image that each contain a Sphere of Annihilation. The Spheres can be dampened somewhat, but they interfere with magic, and so the only way to retrieve what is behind them is to reach in- an incredibly painful proposition. Also, each soul gem and phylactery is nearly indistinguishable. He agrees to help in exchange for the party leaving his Tomb once Paldemar is destroyed.
  • The party splits up, attempting to use a combination of magic might and sheer willpower to recover. Light declares that he’s going to destroy the gem he finds, no matter what it is. The first gem recovered is that of “an important soul.” The second gem, pulled out by Reschard, is that of Elana. The final gem is Paldemar’s phylactery, which is destroyed as the Lich appears and shatters into nothing.
  • Acererak returns Bael’s soul to his body, and allows the party to leave with some gems through a rear teleportation circle that can go directly to Tamhold. Just as the party is teleporting away, the Demilich opens his mouth to reveal that he has the Eye of Vecna…
Tales of the Tomb of Horrors
Adventure 49

Ebbek the Inquisitor tells a story from early in his career, where he lead a team into the infamous Tomb of Horrors to defeat the dread lich Acererak.

QUEST MILESTONE: All characters level to 18.

Your Zumcantor is in Another Castle
Adventure 48

In attendance: Raiden, Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Bael Phoebus, Darian Shadowheart, Mielka Dawnhammer

A trip through the Elemental Chaos to obtain a Djinni in a bottle leads to a job from an Efreeti lord, with Raiden returning to his old school that is falling back into the churning sea of elements. After stopping some slaadi, Raiden’s old master barely hangs on and tells them that the rival school has captured what they seek, before the master fades away. The battle is taken to the rival school, fighting against one of the students that betrayed Raiden’s school. They win the duel, and retrieve what they came for, and find out that Zumcantor has gone to the prime world to serve in the Chained God’s service at the Temple of Elemental Evil. The party leaves with what they came for and obtains another component in the Etherium-cleansing ritual.

Oh, Shen's Eleven
Adventure 47

In attendance: Light, Raiden, Reschard Tam, Shen One-Eyed, Zigfried von Schattenwerk

After emerging from the Far Realm, Shen slips into the city of Sigil for some time to clear his head. In the streets of the city, the elf is confronted by a crazy hobo named Vocar who claims he previously had the Eye of Vecna. Shen questions him how he could be freed from it (in exchange for some drinks), and Vocar says he’ll explain but that he should bring some friends.

Shen finds the others at their current residence in a house of ill-repute, who agree to come along since it also fits their needs to have the Eye be in their possession. The group meets again with Vocar, as well as a Shardmind named Gemini. Vocar was freed from the Eye by having it purified in the light of the Sun of Suns, the first star from which all light came. Vocar’s friend helped him get access to the Sun in the planar domain called Hestavar (the Bright City). However, in recent years since, Pelor has hidden away the Sun from petitioners and so accessing it is not so easy.

Gemini is a gem dealer who travels often to Hestavar for business. He proposes that he finance an operation to Hestavar, so the party can find and get in to see the Sun of Suns. While the Eye of Vecna is driven out, someone else can cleanse a group of gems for him (in order to create star sapphires.)

Gemini uses a portal from Sigil to Hestavar to bring the party along, and introduces them to Hestavar, the domain of the deities Pelor, Ioun, and Erathis. The next few days would see the big Festival of the Sun, where petitioners from the domain and all over would come to give their tributes to the gods. Many of the locals participate in something called “The Game of Making” where each tries to invent something completely new and interesting to add to the understanding in the name of the Gods. This is everything from inventions to poetry to philosophy.

Gemini proposes that the party use the excuse of the Festival to find the Sun. They decide to come up with their own tribute to be able to help in the search, since the tributes will likely go to the same place where the Sun is stored.

Reschard finds one of the grand temples of Pelor, and speaks with one of the high priests about his misgivings about going against Pelor’s word. The priest tells him the proverb that the only places that can be brought light are those in the shadows. Afterward, he returns to the base of operations to compose some tales of the party… which doesn’t go particularly well.

Zigfriend and Light work on a tracking ritual so they can find out where the offering is going once released. Raiden builds a nice box for the offering. Shen wanders out into the streets, and finds a blind prophet former priestess of Ioun named Shamara, who tells Shen his fortune. He spots that her scrying crystal is of similar type to the Ioun Stones used to keep surveillance in Hestavar. Shen gathers the party, and they return to the priestess, convincing her that her crystal would make a strong offering to the gods. She agrees.

In the evening, Light explores a bit, but returns empty-handed. In the Inn where they are staying, he bumps into a drunk Githyanki petty thief who ended up in Hestavar by accident.

In the morning, Zigfriend and Light work on tweaking the scrying crystal to prevent the other crystal from seeing them. Raiden runs out for some supplies to finish his box, and encounters a panicked inventor. The inventor was working on offerings for the Game of Making, but ended up constructing an energy-dampening device by accident. Through some clever negotiations, Raiden manages to trade some of Reschard’s “Oil of Pure Faith” for the device and a Scroll of Grand Total.

Reschard and Shen visit the Architect of Erathis, a Dragonborn named Grywyn, who designed most of the buildings in Hestavar. Through some careful questioning, they manage to gain some information about the vault and its defenses. Shen’s first attempt to lift the plans to the vault is thwarted by an ill-timed slip. Reschard does his best to distract Grywyn, who angrily throws them out. While exiting, Shen slips a page into his cloak.

In the evening, Mielka, Gurias, Glandrin, Bael, and Darian arrives in the evening. Gemini supplies all 10 plus himself as the 11th with fine enough clothes to attend the ceremony festival. Mielka casts a Consult Oracle ritual to answer some lingering questions. The Oracle gives a password in Supernal for Bael to speak to pass one of the doors, and tells them where they can find an ally to help get in to the vault itself.

Light visits this ally in the waning hours before the Festival begins. A professor at the University Chapel provides a sigil sequence for the vault in exchange for a simple report back on what is in the room with the Sun of Suns. Light agrees to these terms.

The Festival arrives, with a grand ball taking place while tributes are given. The 11 approach to put the plan into action. The tribute is given to the priests there, which is taken away by angels. The tracking ritual tells them where the goods are being teleported from: a backroom in the hall, guarded by two Paladins. One Paladin is distract by the antics of the Githyanki thief, while Glandrin starts a fight to distract the other one. The party slips in, and encounters a group of guardian angels, which they take down within a matter of seconds, aided by the Psionic mindlink of Zigfried.

The teleportation circle activates, leading the party down heavily guarded corridors. A few well timed deceptions divert the angelic patrols as the repurposed Ioun crystal blocks surveillance. Bael uses the Supernal password to deactivate a door, and Darian uses his lockpick skills to open a massive golden door. The party descends down a pit using grappling hooks and rope, with Shen slipping when scurrying away from some guards. Light uses his teleportation powers to help lessen the fall, before realizing that he saved the man he so recently was filled with the desire to kill.

More patrols are evaded before arriving at the end of a hall, where Ioun stones project beams of light in moving, criss-crossing patterns. Shen pulls off an incredible display of acrobatics to disable the grid, while Zigfried uses his repurposed stone to protect him.

The last barrier before the vault is a heavily warded room, which the party uses the energy-dampening device to help against, which then starts to overheat. The party manages to open the heavy stone door just before the device explodes.

The inner vault reveals two suns radiating intense light, with a strange piece of crystal positioned between them. The Eye of Vecna begins to burn and leak shadow-stuff, until it has had enough and tears itself out of Shen’s skull and attacks. The party works to subdue the Eye, pushing it towards the suns when possible. Eventually, the last of the shadow power leaves the Eye, where it drops to the ground inert. Shen loses the last of his shadow powers, and it takes all his strength to stay conscious to escape the vault with the massive wound he suffered.

The 11 leave the Festival, successful in their mission. Light returns to the professor to tell him of the crystal, and asks what it is. The professor says that it might be a piece of the Living Gate, which contained the Far Realm until it was shattered in prehistoric eras. Pelor is hiding this piece for an unknown reason.

The party returns to Sigil, where Shen casts off all the remnants of his adventuring gear. He thanks the party for freeing him from his curse, and tells Reschard to be careful with the Eye, even if it does seem inert. Shen bids everyone a goodbye, planning to stay and explore the city of Sigil, a place he could easily call home.


  • Scroll of Grand Total
  • Crystal containing Pure Light
  • Ioun Orb +5
  • Gems totaling 10 Astral Diamonds worth, spendable in Sigil.
Sigil on Two Astral Diamonds a Day
Adventure 46

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Mielka, Raiden, Light, Zigfried, Reschard

After stopping Dyson and Ragnarok, the business of organizing post-Giant War Sarta begins. The new Sartan government decides that since the Empire did not officially help them in the war, they did not need the Empire. Instead, they would become an independent, allied group of small nation-states… the League of Sarta.

Dyson, now missing both legs and one hand, is interrogated from his cell. By Reschard agreeing to rescue Elana and protecting him from Vecna’s wrath, Dyson acquiesces to all their demands, and names Reschard as the new King of Tamhold. All the party questions the deposed tyrant about Paldemar and the Chained God. Among other tidbits, the party learns that Paldemar’s phylactery is stored in a transplanted legendary tomb known as the Tomb of Horrors.

After the interrogation and some final business in setting up the government in Reschard’s absence, the entire party heads out in their new airship, dubbed The Legacy. The ship heads for the small town of Portalis, passing briefly over the ruined capital Alexandren. Upon getting near the well at portalis, dark energy shoots up, passing through the ship and taking with it several party members.

The rest land and investigate the well, only to be confronted by Istarmani, who has the Prophecy Scrolls, and says he’s banished much of the party to the Far Realm. He then uses his supernatural reflexes to change the well’s portal and dive in, with Bael, Reschard, and Mielka following closely after him.

They find themselves on the streets of the strange city of Sigil, chasing down the Drow Wizard. Reschard calls the guards, Mielka prays to Moridin (which is heard by several nearby Dwarves), and Bael attempts to cut him off (only to hit a deadend.) The chase goes on, and several more join in when it is insinuated that Istarmani has lots of wealth on him. One dogpile later, the prophecy scroll is recovered, but Istarmani escapes using a teleportation spell once he has a hand free.

The Sons of Mercy, the local guards, bring the three of them in for questioning, while the Far Realm escapees are lead around by a Bariaur guide. Using a sending ritual, the 6 of them meet up. After some discussion, the party decides to meet with Shemeska the Marauder, a local well-connected businesscreature.

Shemeska makes an offer that she needs a certain House of Ill Repute taken care of as it has thus far refused her efforts to take care of protection in that area. In exchange, she’ll provide the party with a modest amount of currency (in Astral Diamonds, since gold is nearly worthless) and hook them up with Ramander the Wise who knows the location of many portals in the city.

The brothel isn’t what the party expects: it is a fairly small, two-story house in the Hive Ward of Sigil. It is guarded by some Tanarukks, who are subservient to the strikingly beautiful Mistress of the House. She introduces her girls, which include a Nymph, a Medusa, a Demon, and more. Light sneaks away during introductions and negotiations and find Glandrin’s been possessed by the Ghost Beholder and is enjoying the company of a Marlinth demon. A stop is put to that- but it works out for the best, as the Beholder agrees to stay and help protect the house, while the Mistress agrees to the PC’s offer of sponsorship and lets them stay in the upstairs while they are in the city.

The party returns to Shemeska with news that they have managed a better financial arrangement. The party receives two Astral Diamonds, as well as a consultation with Ramander. Ramander even provides the location of a portal back to Einland.

The Long Night of Shen One-Eye
Adventure 45

In attendance: Glandrin Sunbeam, Light, Raiden, Shen One-Eyed, Zigfried von Schattenwerk

The party awoke to find itself in cells, missing their equipment, with no memory of how they got there. Shen is the only one who can access his powers, so he uses them to escape and start freeing the others. They spot some treasure chests, which they quickly discover that not only do they contain the party’s equipment, they also are a strange mimicing ooze that comes to life and attacks. Meanwhile, a crazed Gurias-like creature, a feral Darian, and a mirror Raiden attack.

In the midst of it all, Light and Shen begin to fight, and everyone experiences paranoid feelings towards everyone else. Shen slips out, and discovers, thanks to an “Echo Bael” that they have thrown into the Far Realm somehow. The Eye of Vecna is the only thing that has a chance of leading them out.

Far Realm Fight

The battle inflicts horrendous injuries of everyone involved, but after the infighting dies down, the party is able to overcome the challenges. Some discussion follows, and the Eye leads the way out into the bizarre Far Realm towards an exit.

The path goes to a portal, which the PCs enter one at a time. Shen is brought back to when he assassinated Nohrik and offered a chance to change things, as the Elf tries to negotiate with Echo Bael Corvus to make things turn out for the better. Light encounters a Catoblepas, which at first seems to be doing the work of the Raven Queen and questions Light’s continued existence, who then turns out to have gone mad and turned on the Goddess of Death. Zigfried emerges in a Mind Flayer breeding area, encountering a Mind Flayer that insists that Zigfried is actually a Mind Flayer in disguise named ZiVonSch. Glandrin finds the ghost of the Beholder they have been forced to kill twice, who wants to be freed from this existence. Raiden finds himself in the Elemental Chaos, and the rest is shrouded in mystery.

Something seems to snap, and all these realities combine. Shen spots an exit portal, which everyone heads towards. Raiden tries to hold the creatures off, and quickly finds himself outmatched… and yet, somehow escapes.

The party emerges in the fabled city of Sigil, the City of Doors, barely intact from their experience.


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