Might of the Inquisition

Journey to the Soulforge
Adventure 35

In attendance: BH-005, Vondal, Mielka Dawnhammer, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Light

Demon Queen's Enclave Part 2: No One Admitted to Being Lichloved
Adventure 34
  • XP: 4000
  • GP: 2000
  • Loot: Eladrin Boots

Epilogue to come with some more RPG opportunities.

How The Gish Stole Crunchmas
Adventure 33

In attendance: Gurias Stormborn, Glandrin Sunbeam, Reschard Tam, Frances

Aramath Teldorm requests a favor of Gurias and his companions: recover several ritual components so that he can produce a piece of cleansed Etherium for them. Each component is in a different section of the Feywild: The Winter Court, the Green Court, and the borderlands to the Fomorians.

Demon Queen's Enclave Part 1: How Do I Shot Web
Adventure 32

In attendance: Bael Corvus, Mielka Dawnhammer, Raiden, Shen One-Eyed, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Light

The party ventured into the Underdark, hoping into their base at the Chamber of Eyes before cutting through the Duergar tunnels to reach their destination. A few weird sights pass them by (a lake of magma, an idol to forgotten gods, and a bizarre mushroom patch) before coming across a battle between some Drow (including a Drider) and the undead. The party first hangs back, but then decides to engage the undead as the lesser of two evils while negotiating with the Drow. The Drider is reluctantly thankful and gives them directions to the city of Phaervorul.

The only entrance to Phaervorul is a long bridge, which is guarded by an immense spider and a variety of spider-abominations. Though they are dealt with, Raiden is knocked off the bridge into an immense cavern, which the party improvises a method of swinging off and teleporting to recover the fallen Swordmage. The Genasi’s legs are throughly broken, so Mielka stops to remove his affliction before everyone can move on.

The underground city of Phaervorul is ravaged, with signs of a continued demonic presence. After a quick survey, the party decides to go left where the most devastation is evident.

After sneaking around one building, another building lies in the party’s path, this one guarded by demonic patrols, leading them to believe that this is important. While the party disagrees on what to do, some take off running in an attempt to get by the guards… which doesn’t quite work.

While the battle rages outside, Light slips in to the building and faces down some stragglers and comes face to face with an idol of Orcus. The Warlock is on his own for a while, attempting to destroy the blasphemous statue while attacked by an undead spider.

Shen is the first to detached from the pitched battle outside to try to aid the Warlock. Both end up falling in battle before reinforcements can arrive. The battle outside, with reinforcements seemingly never-ending, is turned when Mielka and Zigfrid find their way onto the roof, out of range of many of the combatants.

The idol is destroyed and the remaining monsters are wiped out, though Raiden is completely spent, and Shen and Light barely cling to life after taking a brutal beating. The door is barricaded so the party can rest and recover.

But then…

  • XP: 3750
  • Rewards: (will look this up)
The People v. Gurias Stormborn
Adventure 31

Also known as:

  • Law & Order: Special Eladrin Unit
  • Homicide: Life in the Feywild
  • Fey Street Blues

In attendance: Gurias Stormborn, Glandrin Sunbeam, Bael Corvus, Shen One-Eyed, Reschard Tam

Recap: Gurias is executed, everybody cheers.

...No, not really. But Gurias is summoned, along with some character witnesses, to attend the court of Lady Shandria so that Gurias can be judged of his actions and if his exile should end. By using the Eladrin Ritual of Judgment, they will show whether or not Gurias has learned anything on his journey in the mortal realm, and what the current state of the realm is.

For the prosecution, the aggrieved party Kelemar Stormborn. For the defense, the only one willing to take the case, Nebbish tr’Louq (who had prepared the Deck of Many Things Defense).

The Ritual plunges the 5 into a vision-scape of past scenes from the event since Gurias left Arborea, starting with first meeting with Ebbek the Inquisitor.

Odd doors between scenes form, starting with a familiar-looking well. Filled with a black acidic goo, rituals and spells are used to allow everyone access, which lead to a familiar-looking caven. Alice Starr lurks there, trying to lure a child to her doom, who then attacks. A carnage demon, looking bigger and more sinister than the first time they encountered it, emerged from a hellish portal. Bael and Shen battle with the betraying Cleric (and rescue the child) before joining the fray against the massive carnage demon. After defeating it, the defense advocates that many innocents have been rescued by Gurias.

The next door leads to Istarmani’s first meeting with the party, which the Eladrin are very interested in. From there, they appear in the bottom floor of the Ghost Tower of Inverness, where they are greeted by Gairdan Facio. Reschard, Gurias, Glandrin, and Gairdan review the visions of the future and death they receive while here. Two exits are created, and they move through the door that appeared after Reschard spoke.

It led to a small shack in Sarta which has the roof taken off by Giants, led by Dyson. Dyson is dispelled thanks to Gurias joking about the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. “I like his style,” says Gurias. The Giants carry the party across the map to Thunderspire Labyrinth. A quick stop off in the 7 Pillared Hall to the Mages of Saruun leads to the question of the locations in Thunderspire, which the party cannot quite recall.

A quick trip back to Black Spire of the Inquisition and the party is interrogated by the Beholder they previously helped out. Further, the party is asked about their 5 Main quests, which they are able to recall perfectly.

Kelemar goes on the offense, showing Gurias the mistakes he’s made: killing charmed slaves, losing Nohrik to the Far Realm (during which Bael realizes something important), and the assassination of the Emperor.

The party does their thing acting as character witnesses, bringing up all the other good deeds not yet revealed, the images of which come fast and furious. Finally, Kelemar shouts “ENOUGH!” and brings the party to the source of Gurias’s great shame: the day his mother died.

The party faces the images of those killed in the battle that Gurias was supposed to attend, including a Death Hag that has taken on the form of his mother. While the spirits do manage to inflict some measure of terror to the party, they defeat the foul hag and end the image.

Nebbish speaks up and brings forth one more important piece of evidence: Kelemar is shown to spike Gurias’s drink on the night before. He admits that he always saw Gurias as a failure and wanted others to see it too, but didn’t know his wife would pay the price. The elder Stormborn is dragged off, and the party is released.

Gurias is declared innocent of the original crime, but in order to atone for his sins on the mortal world, is required to see all of his quests through to completion. Meanwhile, Arborea will return to the prime material to “bring forth their influence” and guide them. The party is now always welcome back. As a reward for the trial, Gurias is granted the Tome of the Stormborn prophecy, and the two Elves are also equipped with new weapons.

  • XP: 3500
  • Tome of Striking Lightning +4 (For Gurias)
  • Blackshroud Broadsword +3 (For Shen)
  • Bastard Sword of the Eldritch Knight +3 (For Glandrin)
Election Night: Investigation
Adventure 30

In attendance: Reschard Tam, Light, Zigfried von Schattenwerk, Devoux Daymort

The party follows up with Logan Howlett, Forensic Accountant. He reveals that the Merchant's Guild, primarily Rel Highshade, have been contributing to all candidates, but primarily to Istarmani and his allies.

The party visits Rel, and with some slick words and suggestions about what could happen, he starts to reveal information, when a Dragonborn guard (Nohrik's rival Tegron) moves to silence the Elven merchant. Some quick action by Devoux and Light keep him out of harm's way and engage the Dragonborn mercenaries. Devoux draws most of the fire, while Reschard keeps him standing. Zigfried's mental powers causes the dragonborn to fight each other, and Light unleashes the full fury of his powers, finally oblitterating Tegron. The other Dragonborn surrender.

Rel agrees to speak against Istarmani. The party also visits Grob Zerk but deems him "too crazy" to work as a candidate. Finally, the party meets with Captain Long Tall McSwiggen who agrees to transport citizens of Tarturia to Alexandren in order to vote in his invisible airship.

The next morning, the party goes to see the Emperor give his recommendations. A large crowd has already gathered, and most of the candidates are soon spotted, including Istarmani and Malloy “The Sun Duke” Pherson. Rel gives his speech, to which Istarmani responds to some of the charges. In the background, the presence of some of the Tiefling drug lords, Imperial Wizards, and Raven Queen acolytes is noted.

Before too much discussion can take place, the Emperor approaches on his tower… but then goes back, prompting much confusion. Light's keen eyes spot the appearance of a massive angel heralded by a beam of light from the heavens. Then, the front gates erupt with vile creatures from the Far Realm.

Ziegfried spots a horrifying sight emerging: a Gibbering Orb, an aberration spoken of only in the most obscure forbidden tomes. The priority is to get the people free and protect the good candidates. Light begins teleporting people out of the area, Reschard directs the evacuation, Devoux protects his charge, and Ziegfried delays some of the less powerful rampaging abominations. The Imperial College of Wizardry closes the portal.

As the evacuation proceeds, at the top of the tower, Bael Corvus emerges with the Emperor's clothes and declares "Your Emperor is dead!" before tossing them overboard. Another figure emerges and yells "And Istarmani did it!" which causes Istarmani in the crowd to depart the scene.

The party reconvenes later, where Reschard and Ziegfried lecture the Deva. Since the party is not allowed to intervene against the aberrations, and since Bael is public enemy #1 in the Empire, it is decided that they leave Alexandren for the time being. They leave behind them rampaging creatures that they are powerless to stop directly, an Empire without an Emperor, and a half-dozen factions vying for control.


  • XP: 4000 XP for all PCs. 
  • Loot: Enough residuum to make one level 17 item and one level 16 item. Also, one bowl of boiled kobold, one rat on a stick, one pork pie, and one drake cake.
Election Night: Assassination
Adventure 29

In attendance: Raiden, Bael Corvus, Gurias Stormborn, Shen One-Eyed

Bael is convinced that the Emperor will be a worthy soul for the Raven Queen, and that the goddess is telling him that he needs to go to into the castle after him. To facilitate this, Shen talks to his underworld contacts, and finds out that the Emperor will be most vunerable when he is giving out recommendations for council seats. They manage to get a map of the castle, and access to the secret teleportation circle into it… but it can only take 4 people.

The party prepares by talking to the Imperial College of Wizardry, the Tiefling Drug Cartel, the Acolytes of the Raven Queen, and by getting disguises for the trip.

Gurias teleports the party into the castle, and the first room contains a silver dragon, who says that Bael "smells wrong" and the party kills the beast. They continue to move steathily in the castle, skipping over a busy-sounding room.

The Imperial Order of Nerath, Paladins sworn to protect the Paladin, are discovered in a room on the way. Gurias gets the drop on them with a well-placed Sleep spell, but one manages to escape. The other party members chase after the remaining guard and are not able to catch up before he is able to alert other guards. In order to hold them off, Bael opens the gate to the Far Realm, causing a suitable distraction to reach the Emperor.

The party quickly ascends the tower to confront the Emperor. Upon locking gaze with Bael, the two realize they know each other. The Emperor is actually a Rakshasa named Azazel Caelum / Emperor Alexander the XIX whom Bael fought alongside in previous lifetimes. While Azazel offers to fill in more of Bael's past, he is a man on a mission, and the battle begins.

Azazel invokes some kind of angelic compact to summon angels of protection and battle to his side, and uses his mental powers to throw Gurias off the tower (twice.) The fearsome astral warriors manage to fell Shen. Azazel makes one final offer for Bael to join him, which is refused, so Azazel knocks him out. Though the party realizes that only a blessed crossbow to the heart will destroy the Rakshasa once and for all, Raiden cuts him down to save them from destruction.

Bael awakens, and tosses the Emperor's clothes off, shouting before the audience, "Your emperor is dead!" to which Gurias in disguise adds "Istarmani did it!"

Battered, broken, and somewhat successful in their mission, the four retreat through the carnage unleashed by the Far Realm portal. 


The Campaign Trail
Adventure 28

In attendance: Light, Gurias Stormborn, Mielka Dawnhammer, Bael Corvus, Raiden, Reschard Tam

The election draws near. Less than one week. The party splits up into several teams to find out more about what's going on, and see what they can do to influence it.

There are 7 candidates whose name is on the ballot, with 4 open slots on an 11 person Council.

One candidate turned out to be controlled by a vile aberration known as an Intellect Devourer, which the party defeated (along with controlled donators and a clay golem.) 

More to come. 



  • XP: 3000 to those in attendance, 1500 to those not there
  • GP: 8500
  • Loot: Enough residuum to make a 16th level item or below. Looks like it was being used for Golem creation.


Viva Van Legas
Adventure 27

In Attendance: Shen One-Eyed, Gurias Stormborn, Glandrin Sunbeam, Light, Raiden, Bael Corvus


  • GP: 10,150 – for finding the wayward groom and being rewarded by the family (plus some extra funds by being lucky at games of change)
  • XP: 2150



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