Might of the Inquisition

This Adventure Has Pirates
Adventure 20


The party returned to Alexandren to investigate the disappearance of the Pelorite Prophecy scroll. By enlisting the aid of a young (and naive) Friar, they were able to determine the identity of who took it: one Jasper Myfros, an Inquisition guard. The trail lead the party to the slums and the door of a Tiefling drug dealer named Basher. He tells them about a service used to smuggle people out of the city secretly. While leading them to the meeting point, he was attacked by assassins who looked like Drow to Gurias, Reschard, and Light, and regular Elves to Terrlen and Bael. The attackers were routed, just as something landed on a nearby roof. The thing landing turned out to be an invisible airship captained by Dwarven pirates/smugglers. The ship is the S. S. Cloudreaver, piloted by Captain Long Tall McSwiggen an crewed by Briggs, Truncheon, Micks, and Widge. The Dwarves drive a hard bargain, but agree to take the party where they took Jasper. On the journey, Terrlen discovers a Brain in a Jar in the crow’s nest, which the pirates say is powering the ship, and not to mess with it. Then, in the air, they are attacked by the Wyrmmother, the gargantuan black dragon the party encountered (and fled from) previously, claiming it could smell the party on the ship. The party scrambles to try and fend off the attacks from the dragon, but find that they can’t harm the dragon, and begin to use the ballistas to fire on the dragon’s wings to slow her down. A search of the ship’s hold revealed an anchor and chain, as well as barrels of rum. They were brought up to the top, just as the ballista bolts ran out. A plan was hastily put together to fire the barrles of rum attached to the chain and anchor out of the ballistas as a makeship bola, while Bael rode it towards the dragon. The makeshift bola stopped the dragon temporarily, and the Avenger swore an Oath against the dragon to teleport it a safe distance. Gurias cast a feather fall over the plummeting Avenger, and Reschard leapt off the bow (tied to a mast) to scoop him up and get them back to the boat. The Dwarven pirates admitted that they were going to sell the PCs into slavery, but agreed that to no longer do so, and bring them to where Jasper was taken. The party landed in a Neogi slaver camp, and snuck into a tent to start to take out the guards and creatures. The Neogi commanded the dominated human slaves into battle against the party. Bael’s powers struck down several of them as they charged in. Light’s warlock powers destroyed several of the slaves (including Jasper) as he teleported away, and Gurias panicked and wiped out even more of the human slaves. The Neogi were routed, but the part did not manage to find the prophecy scroll among the possessions captured by the Neogi, leaving their only lead dead by the Warlock’s power. The spell of domination was broken by the Neogi’s death, and the remaining human slave filled the party in (though with reluctance since they had cut down the other innocents). The bodies of the slaves were put with the pirate ship to be taken to a city to get taken care of, as they were encouraged to rethink their life of crime.


  • GP: 9500
  • Loot: 2 Potions of Vitality
  • XP: For routing the Drow/Not Drow: 550 XP each, for launching a rum barrel/anchor bola from two ballista while a Deva rides it: 800 XP each, and for slaughtering innocent slaves (and some Neogi too): 500 XP each, total
A Crash of Thunderspire
Adventure 19


In attendance: Reschard Tam, Mielka Dawnhammer, Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Terrlen Darkstalker, Darian Shadowheart, Bael Corvus, Light

Gurias was turned to stone. What else do you need to know? Oh, OK. The party was reassembled in Thunderspire at their HQ to find it under attack by minotaur and Duergar. After defending the Chamber of Eyes, they tried to find Ebbek, and the trail lead them back to the Well of Demons. There, they found Paldemar (now a Lich) performing a ritual that was consuming captives. Helping defend the ritual was an Illithid, Medusa, and Umber Hulk riding a Bullette. Two captives were consumed before getting there, but Ebbek, his wife, and Grob Zerk were recovered. Paledmar was defeated but discorporated back to his currently hidden phylactery. Ebbek says he was captured, for what purpose unknown. He is setting up shop at the Chamber of Eyes as he is currently in the outs at the Inquisition until the Pelorite Prophecy scroll is recovered, and lays out all the current Quests.


  • XP: 1320 each
  • Loot: From Ebbek: Battle Standard of the Fiery Legion (Adventurer’s Vault), 2000 gp
Who Sees the Seer?
Adventure 18


In attendance: Reschard Tam, Gurias Stormborn, Glandrin Sunbeam

  • While passed out, Reschard receives an offer from Vecna to help against Content Not Found: Dyson. Though Reschard is tempted, he ultimately refuses the dark god’s offer, and the Lord of Secrets vows revenge.
  • The trio arrive in Ithaca, one of the bigger villages of the Elven Beastlands.
  • They meet Razorvine Ithaca, mayor of the town, who informs Glandrin that a seer has come into the area, and they’ve been having problems with everyone trying to seek out the seer.
  • Trolls attack the town and try to take villagers hostage to get the location of the seer. In the midst of things, the delegation from the Kingdom of Dusk arrives and helps against the trolls.
  • Istarya, Colonel Crackmar, and Lord Nedry McNuggety are in negotiations with Ithaca about a possible treaty. Istarya agrees to assist the party in tracking down the seer.
  • The trail leads to a crossing between the Feywild and the material world, in a strange co-mingled state. As they venture forth, Istarya fades out.
  • The forest becomes strange, with massive overhangings blocking out the sun from view. A series of stone markers, written in Elvish, spell out the following riddle:
    • “I am useless when hidden, but gain power when shared”
    • “I can be bad or good”
    • “Even if I am stolen, you can still use me”
    • “You can have me but never hold me”
  • The path leads to a clearing, with a strange stone scarab in the middle. Nature itself moves to attack the characters, but Gurias speaks aloud the answer to the riddle: “An idea!” and the guardians melt away, and the seer is revealed. She is Istarkoi, and answers the questions of the party through her gift, before disappearing. (See The Visions of Istarkoi below).
  • She sends the party away to outside Alexandren, where they move to the Black Spire to report their findings.
  • Outside the Spire is a massive rally being held by Istarmani against the Inquisition, where he also reveals his new wife, Alice Starr, who showed herself to being a traitor.
  • As the party tries to argue with the hate-speaker (and secret Drow), there’s a huge explosion from underneath, and the Beholder that had been trapped under the spire emerges and begins zapping townsfolk. Istarmani blames it on the Inquisition, and attacks. The party moves towards the creature, which begs them to put it out of its misery and claims to be otherwise controlled. The party too engages it, and puts it down, just as the Inquisition itself emerges from the spire to help (along with the other party members).
  • In the confusion, one of the Inquisition guards is seen leaving the Spire and fleeing the fight.
  • Istarmani and Alice escape. Ebbek informs the party that since their cover has been blown by the noble and cleric, they are being sent to complete specialized training while things die down.
  • Then Ebbek discovers that the Pelorite Prophecy Scroll has been stolen…

The Visions of Istarkoi

The Coming of the Chained God

  • The Chained God’s Prison has come undone.
  • Etherium is his prison that keeps darkness at bay, but carries his taint, and attracts his servants.
  • The Well at Portalis is the key to unified time.
  • The Chosen will go to the stars to seal the prison.
  • The prophecies shall become lost, and that shall be the only way to stop them.
  • “What is the Chained Gods name?” “I dare not speak it.”
  • “How will we get to the stars?” “A magnificent vessel.”

The Prophecies

  • The Prophecies were written by Istarkoi.
  • The Inquisition does the right things for the wrong reason: their Empire.
  • Some prophecies are coming true, some are coming. false
  • “How much time do we have?” “Not enough.”
  • “Have we been successful in the prophecies?” “That is the wrong question.”
  • “How many go unaddressed?” “That is the wrong question.”
  • “What would happen if we reveal the secret of Etherium to the Inquisition?” “What they always do.”

The Chosen

  • Glandrin Sunbeam will make a new nation, but never shall it be his.
  • Gurias Stormborn will return to his homeland so as to bring its destruction. The only way back is the long way around.
  • No divorce shall be granted between Elana and Dyson. The only way to free her is to do the unthinkable.
  • “Where is Axe of the Dwarvish Lords?” “In the heart of the earth, where the Dwarves come from.”
  • “Will the kingdom of Tam ever be returned to peace?” “A certain kind of peace.”
  • “What is the Halfling idol of Darian Shadowheart’s village?” “Like the prison, but before the prison.”
  • “Will Light be cured?” “Someday.”
  • “Will Nohrik’s tribe be returned to him?” “No.”
  • “Will Nohrik’s tribe gain the rights they seek?” “Yes.”
  • “Who will betray us?” “That is clouded.”


  • “Will we encounter Paldemarr again?” “Yes, as he serves Vecna.”
  • “Will Vecna do bad things to us?” “It’s a secret.”
  • “Can we use anything against Vecna?” “Find his eye and hand.”
The Hills Have Ogres
Adventure 17

In Attendance: Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Terrlen Darkstalker

  • After Adventure 16, the party rests on the way to Sarta. Darian Shadowheart and Light head off to return the idol to Alexandren.
  • Gurias takes watch via his trance. He hears Reschard Tam stirring. As he asks Reschard what’s going on, the Warlord hits the Wizard on the head, knocking him out. Terrlen arrives to assist, and the trio set off to follow Reschard.
  • The trail leads into the mountains, which Gurias remembers studying. Formerly, this was the center of a Dwarven kingdom known for their forging skills. (Refugees from this Kingdom would eventually help found Tartarus.) Below the mines, evil lurks.
  • The tunnels lead to a large outpost. The party tries to sneak around, but are caught by a dire wolf. They fight an Ogre with trained dire boars and dire wolf. The outpost has been picked clean. Reschard’s trail stops, but ogre tracks begin.
  • Following the tracks out of the mountains, the party comes across a trade road where the tracks become hard to follow. Gurias casts “Hand of Fate” which points them north.
  • They run into Prince Gargin, a Dwarven Prince of one of the kingdoms of Sarta. He explains that he has been displaced as Dyson, King of Tamhold, has been using his alliance with the giants to begin to conquer nearby kingdoms. Gargin is traveling to Alexandren with his loyal followers to explain the situation and ask for help. He says he spotted Reschard in the company of ogres, and points the party in the right direction. Glandrin offers to help militarily if Alexandren will not.
  • The party travels up a path into the hills, finding a secluded valley. The woods there are especially overgrown, and Terrlen notices that there are a large number of traps within the forest, creating a choke point in the path. The path is also trapped, but they are able to avoid it.
  • The path leads to a clearing with three buildings. Out of the building on the right, an ogre savage charges Glandrin. Another one comes out shortly thereafter, fighting to crush the Elf. A third comes out of the barn.
  • The battle is also joined by several ogres with obvious deformities (one with an extra vestigial head and the other with 2 extra vestigial arms). The barbarian makes short work of them.
  • The two ogre savages are cut down, but the skirmisher withdraws into a barn to let loose a dire boar. Gurias fires a sleep spell into the barn, affecting a number of unseen targets. The dire boar has no interest in fighting, and flees when given the chance.
  • Within the barn, the skirmisher is cut down, and three ogre children are cut down by the barbarian. After the combat stops, they calm down a remaining dire boar. Though it is not trained, it is friendly to the party. Unfortunately, the other flying boar landed in a trap, and was killed.
  • The party investigates the third house, and hear screaming from within. Gurias opens the door using Thunderwave, and the three spot a horrifying site: a female ogress mounting a zombie ogre. Disgusted, Gurias uses his Spectral Ram to send the two flying and interrupting the coitus. The ogress is determined to be an Oni Night Haunter that can control people in their dreams. She manages to put the barbarian to sleep for a time, and drain some of his essence. Glandrin dubs her a Hogre.
  • The battle goes on, and on her last legs, the Oni drains the essence of something in the closet, but it is not enough to keep her alive.
  • Reschard is found, unconscious and chained in the closet, but he will be fine. A chest found in the closet holds a note from Dyson. The party is wanted in Tamhold, with a 1,000 gp reward each, and a 3,000 gp reward for Reschard. The ogres were instructed to capture them for the reward when they investigated the magic item cache. Dyson also equipped them with magic items to complete the task. As Terrlen points out, the note is evidence against Dyson, and for Gargin’s case.


  • XP: 1300
  • GP: 2150
  • +3 Large Vicious Morningstar
  • 4 sets of +1 Large Leather Armor
  • 2 Large +1 Morningstars
  • 2 Large +1 Javelins
  • Ritual Book containing: Sending, Phantom Steed, Undead Servitor
Raiders of the Temple of the Last Crusade
Adventure 16


In Attendance: Nohrik, Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Darian Shadowheart, Light, Reschard Tam

  • Some regrouping and purchasing is done in Alexandren
  • On the way to the lizardman temple, the party runs into Nohrik’s clan, and is met by its haughty chieftain, Tegron. He scolds Nohrik, but provides the location of the temple.
  • They trudge through the swamp and stop a lizardman scout.
  • They find the temple, and use a silence ritual to setup an ambush.
  • Fight commences. At one point, Darian leaps off of a pillar and on top of a huge blackscale lizardman.
  • Guards defeated, they go inside. At the first set of stairs is a chamber with a sarcophagus. It releases a mummy, and a mechanism causes sand and scarabs to start pouring into the room. After some effort, Darian finds the trigger to stop the sand and escape, but the party is split.
  • Using the mechanism and the scarab’s dislike of sunlight, the party manages to regroup and head downstairs.
  • A long chamber filled with traps leads to a pedestal with an idol on it. Darian removes the idol, and is chased by a gelatinous sphere. Meanwhile, traps activate and snakes come out to try to stop them.
  • Glandrin is absorbed for much of the sphere’s path, and eventually Gurias is too, but they manage to escape before the sphere collides with columns and explode. Darian and the rest escape from the temple with the idol, and the two cube goers rescue Reschard who valiantly tried to rescue them.


  • XP: 1100
  • Money: 500 gp gem, 1050 gp, six 100 gp gems
  • Items: Wounding Dagger, Backbone Belt
Aberrations of the Black Spire
Adventure 15


  1. Nohrik is raised from the dead by Avandra and comes back bearing a magic coin.
  2. The party is lead into the basement. On the way, creatures break free. A grell kills their guide. A grell, two gricks, and a carrion crawler are defeated.
  3. A displacer beast, gibbering mouther, foulspawn grue, and foulspawn mangler are defeated.
  4. Darian agrees to smuggle out a Beholder’s spawn in exchange for safe passage by.
  5. Kruthiks are attacking Ebbek, who turns out to be a doppelganger.
  6. The real Ebbek is found.


A week passes afterward, before the party sets off on their next quest. In that time, the following occurs:

  • Bennik the Wanderer, Halfling Bard, arrives from Thunderspire. He brings with him two gifts from the Mages of Saruun. First, instructions on how to draw the connecting teleportation circle, which is inscribed in the sewers beneath the Stone Pony. He also has Dust of Appearance, a one-use magic item for if they encounter Paldemarr again. Bennik takes up residence in the Stone Pony Inn, providing stories and songs. He can be consulted about matters a bard might know about, for a small performance fee.
  • While the party has been gone, [[Shen One-Eyed]] One-Eye has selected the Stone Pony as his new bar of choice. (The elven bar doesn’t serve drinks strong enough for him). As always, he has his ear to the ground about Alexandren, and some drinking money will make him loosen his tongue.
  • Terrlen Darkstalker has made an agreement with the Inquisition, like the rest of the “Chosen.” If he prevents the prophecies, they will cure him of his Lycanthropy.
  • [[BH-005]] processed the contents of the New Alexandren Library, and has a better idea of what has happened since he slept. General Cogwheel has convinced the Warforged Paladin to go to Tartarus to be studied there, but your paths may cross again.
  • Gairdan Facio has moved his prospecting business to Alexandren, and also makes the Stone Pony his bar of choice. Occasionally, if the mood suits him, he may assist as a guide if he’s in town.


  • Coin of Avandra +2 Breathing a quick prayer to Avandra, your faith is channeled through this stone to turn the fates in your favor. Level: 8 Price: 3400 gp Implement (Holy Symbol) Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +2d6 damage Power (Daily): Free Action. Reroll an attack roll you made using this holy symbol and use the new result.
  • Scabbard of Sacred Might
  • 1800 gp (with bank and last adventure: 7700 gp)
Last Breaths of Ashenport
Adventure 14
Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 5: Tower of Mysteries
Adventure 13


After a quick stop-off in town, Glandrin Sunbeam, Nohrik, Reschard Tam, and Grob Zerk venture to the place to find Paldemarr, the renegade Mage of Saruun, and put an end to the threat to Thunderspire. The silver key found in the Well of Demons leads the way, and allows access to a small side-tunnel. Brandishing the key at the appointed place, a skeletal apparition manifests. It claims to be a portion of Vecna’s power, and will allow them access… for a price. Upon inquiring what it wants, it says simply: “Power, secrets, and souls.” The group struggles to come up with secrets that the spirit would want. The spirit seems equally derisive of their attempts. Grob curries some favor by explaining about the Great Goat. Reschard told a bit about his past, and Glandrin revealed a secret about himself and his mission to his companions (who may or may not share it with the others in the party). The spirit was not fully satisfied, taking a bit of their life force, but transporting them to the Tower of Mysteries. There, they faced creatures known as “Norkers”, goblins that have been warped due to exposure to Abyssal energies. They also fought some Engimas, petitioners of Vecna who steal secrets right from your mind and have the unusual habit of tearing at their own flesh constantly until it whips them into a rage. Teleportation circles, like the ones found at the Ghost Tower of Inverness, connected the floors. The second floor


  • Onyx (800 gp), Quartz (500 gp)
  • 1,000 gp
  • +2 Magic Staff
  • Ritual Book containing notes for “Paldemarr’s Planar Collapse”
  • Manuals of the Planes: “Hestavar, the Bright City”, “The Dark on Sigil, City of Doors”, “Codex Shadowfell”, “The Abyss: Pierced Heart of the Elemental Chaos”
Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 4: Guardian of the Well of Demons
Adventure 12


The party recovered from their grievous injuries previously suffered in the Adventure 11 Well of Demons, but only Gurias and Glandrin were feeling well enough to venture back in. Within the [[Seven-Pillared Hall]] they were found by Light and his guide Stephandrial who had been sent by the Inquisition to remind the wayward adventurers of their duties and assist where needed. Appreciating the help by the Warlock and the Ranger, they ventured back in to the Well. Back in the first room, the party discovered a heavily armored dwarf investigating the well where they had left two of the items they needed to unlock the final chamber. He introduced himself as Grob Zerk and claimed to own the mountain in the name of the Great Goat. After some negotiating, the party agreed to help him clear out the dungeon for him (or vice versa). Heading to the east, the party discovered a series of doors. Stephandrial listened at one of the doors and heard movement, and was sure there were other creatures around. Gurias stopped everyone and cast a silence ritual to block off the rooms from hearing one another. Thus, the party was able to dispatch a Gnoll warrior (who was confused why his allies weren’t coming to his aid after he kept shouting), and then a carnage demon. The demon was thrown back by a Thunderwave over a stone altar, which shattered and revealed the Book- the penultimate piece needed. To the west of the central chamber, the party discovered a massive room filled with deep pools of blood and massive minotaur statues. Some cautious investigations were undertaken before Gurias summoned a Tenser’s Floating Disk to carry him over the blood. The minotaur statues came to life and started to flail about (with flails, no less) and bizarre blood demons rose out of the pool to assault them. A battle commenced both in the corner as the blood things came to the party, and in the center where Gurias had stopped. Stephandrial and Light provided cover fire as Grob engaged the beasts directly. Glandrin performed a mighty Elven leap across much of the blood, then trudged through the remainder to come to Gurias’s rescue. Gurias swooped in to pick up a hilt in one corner, and barely managed to stay on his disk after a lashing from the other minotaur statue. He proceeds cautiously around the statue, catching his breath in the meantime. He dives in on the disk and is once again knocked down on his disk but manages to stay on. While prone, he grabs the blade, and speeds back to the entrance as the rest of the party takes down the last of the blood demons. The blade is assembled, and the party has all the pieces needed to open the chamber and face the Guardian. With a howl, the Guardian flies up from the pit, revealing himself to be a large green dragon. At once, traps around the room spring forth. An elemental vortex activates and sucks in some, grabbing skeletons restrain others, and magical crossbow turrets fire at the rest. Glandrin is the first to engage the dragon, and the two dance around in the heat of battle. Finally the others break free from the traps and also go after the dragon, making a concerted effort to push him into the path of one of the traps, a rotating energy sphere. The dragon stumbles backward under Glandrin’s assault, but the tricky dragon uses a simple charm to pull Glandrin into the path as well. Light cast a quick spell to swap positions with the Elven Fighter, and then dived out of the way. The sphere moved towards the dragon, but the dragon avoided it with his instinctive knowledge of the dungeon’s traps. However, it was not enough to prevent the adventurers from converging on the dragon and put an end to the guardian, eventually pushing it back into the hole it came from. The guardian defeated, the chambers opened to allow passage to the inner sanctum of the demonic Gnolls. A small side chamber revealed that the Gnoll Chieftan, a Warlock by the name of Maldrick Scarmaker, was in the process of trying to finish a dire ritual. If completed, a hole would be punched through to the Abyss itself, spelling trouble for Thunderspire and the entire world. The Warlock was heavily defended by a batch of demons summoned for the occasion. They kept the party at bay while the gnoll worked the completion of the ritual, the heroes standing by as captives were consumed by magic to fuel the foul spell. The third captive was consumed, and all the warlock needed to do was finish the last particularly different series of gestures and words. Light engaged him in a battle of warlock energies, attempting to wrest the magic away from him. Glandrin and Stephandrial fought their way clear of the demons to focus on the infernal warlock as their quarry. With only moments to spare before the ritual could be completed, Maldrick’s threat was stopped by the sword. In his chambers, they found a silver key, and the way to catch up to Paldemarr in his location: The Tower of Mysteries.


  • +2 Elven Cloak
Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 3: The Well of Demons
Adventure 11

Location #1: The entrance way contains an ambush by strange, strangling creatures, a tentacled monstrosity under the floor, and a ghastly ghoul.

Location #5: Upon entering a large, central chamber, the party is greeted by several spirits: Valdrog the Brute, Sir Terris, and Mendara the Mystic. The spirits say that they can provide clues to opening the gate to the guardian (the cause of their death) which would lead the way to the final chamber. After some pleading of their worth, some demonstrations of might (including an awesome leap by Glandrin), and some arcane tricks, they provide some information: four items of power must be recovered. A mask, a bell, a book, and a blade. Only by placing them in the four ritual circles simultaneously will the guardian appear. With that, the spirits depart, and the party sets off to recover the four items.

Location #3: The party comes across some gnolls and hyenas torturing a chained dire boar. Enraged at the boar’s mistreatment, the warriors charge forth to cut down the gnolls despite their cover and dispatch the hyenas with a few well placed blasts. The dire boar is calmed and healed, but they decide after some debate to leave it there until they can return it to town later.

Location #2: A horrid smell wafts down the corridor. The party is attacked by ravenous hyenas released from a pen by a gnoll huntmaster. As the battle is joined, a group of gnoll marauders try to out-flank the party from behind, and manage to do some damage to Gurias. However, a solid line of fighting heroes breaks through and dispatches them. Some treasure is recovered from a gnoll gambling session, and the barbarian proves his “rustic” nature by digging through a dirty kennel to find a magical cloak.

Location #8: A number of Evistro demons patrol a room filled with horrific columns. Each one is seemingly composed of bodies, which grasp and scream out at random intervals. After some time battling the Evistros, the eyes flare up from the columns and scatter the party throughout the room… some right in the path of an angry Carnage demon that guards an altar. Gurias briefly finds himself staring down a large, powerful demon before Nohrik issues a Paladin’s divine challenge to draw the beast away. After the battle, the altar is searched, and the bell is found.

Location #6: The room is filled with mirrored pillars. Terrlen is the first to glance in the room, and finds that the mirrors are magical traps. He becomes weak and fatigued after staring at one, so the party decides to try to avoid staring at them. Nohrik and Glandrin try staring at the wall and making their way around the room, but they can’t seem to avoid catching one of the mirrors out of the corners of their eyes. But the mirrors they glance at do not steal lifeforce… instead, the two fight themselves in a chamber with no exit, confronted with a crazed gnoll. They cut it down, but have no choice but to pray to their deities that their companions will find a way to rescue them. Terrlen and Gurias close their eyes completely, and make their way around the room until they reach a curtained-off section. Terrlen is the first to step through, and is immediately beset upon by scimitar-wielding skeletons. Terrlen tosses the curtain over Gurias to get him inside, before launching into a rage to tear through the skeletons. Gurias finds himself uncomfortably to the skeletons, but fires off a few quick spells to aid the raging barbarian. Though they take some serious wounds, they defeat the skeletons. Gurias examines an indentation in the altar, and activates to both return his two companions to the room and uncover the next item: a mask carved of black wood. At this point, the adventurers were forced to retreat from the Well of Demons to deal with their wounds. They hide the items in the well in the first chamber, and take along Kujo back to his owner. They are rewarded for rescuing the dire boar, and rest in preparation for finishing the Well of Demons.


  • XP: 2000 XP for Nohrik, Glandrin, Gurias, and Terrlen. 1000 XP for Darian and Reschard.
  • Treasure: 268gp, Cloak of Resistance +2, Bracers of Defense (from the Well), 400 gp (for recovering Kujo)

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