Tag: Arborea


  • Nebbish tr'Louq

    Gnomish ambassador from the Feywild. Loves to party. Owns a Deck of Many Things. Once represented Gurias in Eladrin court.

  • Aramath Teldorm

    Aramath Teldorm is the chief researcher at one of the Arborean magi academies. By gathering up some components (with the party's help) he was able to complete a ritual to cleanse a piece of Etherium, and in the process, make a tasty drink. He is …

  • Gurias Stormborn

    For many generations, the Stormborns have thrived as a dominant, ruling family of magistrate nobility in the magnificent Eladrin city of Arborea: one of the Feywild’s many beautiful floating communities. The exact history behind their name is …