Tag: Eladrin


  • Aramath Teldorm

    Aramath Teldorm is the chief researcher at one of the Arborean magi academies. By gathering up some components (with the party's help) he was able to complete a ritual to cleanse a piece of Etherium, and in the process, make a tasty drink. He is …

  • Gurias Stormborn

    For many generations, the Stormborns have thrived as a dominant, ruling family of magistrate nobility in the magnificent Eladrin city of Arborea: one of the Feywild’s many beautiful floating communities. The exact history behind their name is …

  • Istarmani

    Istarmani is a member of The Three. He recruited the party to retrieve the Jade Chalice for him, which he used to restore himself to power, but since the chalice had been corrupted, he was changed into a Drow (a fact that only the party can see.)