Quest Log

Major Quests

Fall of the Giants: COMPLETE

Elana has been saved and Paldemar has finally been destroyed. The Eye of Vecna has been taken by Acererak, and the Hand of Vecna has been locked away safely in Sigil. Vecna’s power base has been broken.

Alexandren’s Last Days

The Pelorite Prophecies have been recovered, but Istarmani remains on the loose. Rumor is that he has returned to what is left of Alexandren once and for all.

Cleansing the Etherium

Aramath Teldorm of Arborea has come up with a ritual to cleanse all Etherium, everywhere. He requires the following components:

  • Captured DjinniFOUND
  • Primeval Ooze from which Demons are spawned (The Abyss)
  • Pure SunlightFOUND
  • Howling Ground (from Pandemonium in the Astral Sea)
  • Tear of an Archfey (from the Feywild)

Getting a skilled artificer to attach the ancient spelljamming engine to the Legacy would prove useful in recovering at least one of these items.

Stopping the Chained God

The location of the Temple of Elemental Evil, as referenced in The Tharizdunomicon, lies near the sleepy village of Hommlet.

Quest Log

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