The Legacy

An Excerpt from the Lost History of Spelljamming

The airship Golden Axe was constructed by Tarturian engineers based on a prototype obtained from the Hassberg Auction House, original inventor unknown. The Golden Axe served on several missions in Sarta against the forces of the Elemental Giants. After the pirate “brainship” that they had been using crashed, Reschard Tam and the Liberators of Sarta were given command of The Golden Axe to lead a small fleet of six ships into Tamhold. More than half the fleet crashed in the invasion but it allowed Tam to arrive in Tamhold in time to stop Emperor Dyson from fully raising the primordial Ragnarok from his slumber.

Afterwards, Tam’s allies (sometimes referred to as “The Chosen”) were given permanent command of The Golden Axe by order of Knight-Prince Hans Zigfrid. The Chosen re-christened the ship The Legacy, a reference to Bael Phobus’s original spelljammer from the Dawn War.

Bael and company fought the rakshasa Azazel who was attempting to use the spelljamming engine from the original Legacy to destroy them. They successfully defused the engine’s overload, and later, recovered it for use on The Legacy by employing the mechanical talents of the ancient Warforged BH-005. The talents of Mileka Dawnhammer, Gurias Stormborn, Light, Zigfriend von Schatternwek, and Raiden all contributed to various improvements of the vessel. The inaugural flight of The Legacy into the Astral consisted of a short sojourn to the forbidden plane of Pandemonium in order to recover some maddening winds, and involving a short skirmish with the Githyanki fleet.

The Legacy was involved in two more important events, helping to stabilize the fallen country of Arborea after a magical accident, and saving the lives of hundreds of halflings from a devastating tsunami originating from the former Volusparan Sea.

The Legacy was last spotted entering the so-called “super-door” encompassing all of Sigil.


The Legacy consists of 4 decks:

  • Top deck with Crow’s Nest and steering wheel.
  • Deck 2 with Lightning Cannons and supplies
  • Deck 3 with crew’s quarters (9 individual rooms plus a 10th barracks quarters for the remainder of the crew)
  • Deck 4 with the spelljamming core, teleportation circle, and cargo bay with lift.


Anyone at the steering wheel (top deck) can make the Legacy move 12 squares with a standard action. Additional skill checks (like Athletics to move the wheel quicker) can be used to make the action into a minor action. No matter what, the ship can only move twice per complete round.

Fire Cannon
Anyone at a cannon can make the following attack:
Fire Lightning Cannon
Ranged 20
Attack: Level + 6 vs. Reflex
Hit: 4d6 + 22 lightning damage.
Special: Instead of making the attack, any ranged or area burst attack be performed through the Lightning Cannon as the focus. If you do so, any damage inflicted by the attack if it hits is +3d6 lightning damage.

Energy Booster
As a standard action, someone at the engine may engage the booster. This adds +4 to the Legacy’s speed this turn. This may be done once per day.

Recharge Shields
Shields that are down can be brought back up to begin charging again with a successful Arcana check.

Other Qualities

Ship’s Shields
Any attack targeting AC or Reflex is intercepted by the shields. The shields have AC and Reflex 27, 100 HP and recharge at the rate of 10 HP per round as long as they are up. If the ship’s HP goes to 0, the shields go down until reactivated.

Vulnerable Hull
The hull itself isn’t very reinforced, and so only has 50 hit points when attacked directly. Repairs need to be made to the wood itself and take time to repair.

Listening Stones
The ship can communicate to other spelljamming vessels and to party members via a chamber in the bottom deck.

Cargo Bay
The bottom of The Legacy can be opened to retrieve anything below it, and has a built in Mage Hand effect that can lift up to 50 pounds.

The crew can be ordered to take any action, and have all skills at +10, but gain a +2 bonus to any actions taken for mundane ship tasks (changing course, repairs, etc.)

The Legacy

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