Might of the Inquisition

The Beginning

Adventure 1

The party is called before Ebbek the Inquisitor inside the Black Spire. He has promised each person a favor that only The Inquisition can grant in exchange for their service. 25 years ago, when the Etherium fell from the sky, it had another effect beyond what the public has seen. The Inquisition has a scroll recovered from the Great Alexandren Library that lists 12 Prophecies. The first prophecy predicted the coming of the Etherium. The last prophecy depicts the fall of the Alexandren Empire and of the Inquisition. The people cannot know about these prophecies since it would cause wide-scale panic. The party's objective is to stop the middle 10 prophecies from coming to pass. The party will operate autonomously, and has no official sanction from the Inquisition. Fail, and the favor will not be granted. Die, and you will be replaced. After a few questions about the arrangement, Ebbek sends them off to meet with an informant about a situation in town that may have to do with the second prophecy. On the way, the party exchanges introductions before arriving at The Stone Pony Inn. Upon arriving, they find their informant: and he is missing his tongue. He tries to communicate that something short attacked him. They are interrupted by a scream from the kitchen, and the cook fleeing in a panic. Goblins made their way into the Inn, and tried to attack! After taking care of the initial scouting band of Goblins, they party discovers a grate in the floor leading to the sewers. After making sure everyone is alright, they descend. The sewers below Alexandren are twisty and filthy, requiring some knowledge of the city and tracking skills to find the Goblin hideout. A particularly open part of the sewers reveals a Goblin barracks where they have set up homes. The goblins attack the intruders, using all the weapons at their disposal (including a large collection of rats.) A battle ensues that involves jumping over the gross sewer water and being bitten by rats (both in a swarm and thrown.) Taking a few hits and shaking off some disease, the party is victorious. While searching around for anything the Goblins might have stolen, they discover a secret passage in the stonework. The small passage leads to a hidden research chamber. There, a human woman covered in filth has a pile of organs that she appears to be fashioning creatures of out. As they approach, she orders her creations to rise forth and attack. While two of the shambling forms intercept the party, one appears to be particularly powerful, drawing on the power of a glowing green piece of rock embedded in his head. Gurias uses his sleep spell on the guardians, causing them to collapse and the fighters make short work of the creatures. This opens up the corridor for the Warlock, Rogue, and Warlord to engage the Necromancer. Obviously frail, it doesn't take long for them to subdue her. Darian Shadowheart draws up his blade to finish her off, when Ebbek enters the chamber behind them. He orders them to release the woman to him. A short debate follows, with some of the party calling for the Halfling to finish the job despite the Inquisitor's order. Eventually he relents, and Ebbek takes the woman away. On the way out, Gurias asks him for some kind of explanation. The Inquisitor explains that this is his wife, who worked with the Etherium when it first came, and since has been overtaken by madness. He then tells them they've done well, and leaves them to take the rest of the possessions out of the room: a treasure chest filled with gold and potions, and a dark tome that Light is especially interested in. Loot: 520 gp 2 Potions of Healing



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