Might of the Inquisition

Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 3: The Well of Demons

Adventure 11

Location #1: The entrance way contains an ambush by strange, strangling creatures, a tentacled monstrosity under the floor, and a ghastly ghoul.

Location #5: Upon entering a large, central chamber, the party is greeted by several spirits: Valdrog the Brute, Sir Terris, and Mendara the Mystic. The spirits say that they can provide clues to opening the gate to the guardian (the cause of their death) which would lead the way to the final chamber. After some pleading of their worth, some demonstrations of might (including an awesome leap by Glandrin), and some arcane tricks, they provide some information: four items of power must be recovered. A mask, a bell, a book, and a blade. Only by placing them in the four ritual circles simultaneously will the guardian appear. With that, the spirits depart, and the party sets off to recover the four items.

Location #3: The party comes across some gnolls and hyenas torturing a chained dire boar. Enraged at the boar’s mistreatment, the warriors charge forth to cut down the gnolls despite their cover and dispatch the hyenas with a few well placed blasts. The dire boar is calmed and healed, but they decide after some debate to leave it there until they can return it to town later.

Location #2: A horrid smell wafts down the corridor. The party is attacked by ravenous hyenas released from a pen by a gnoll huntmaster. As the battle is joined, a group of gnoll marauders try to out-flank the party from behind, and manage to do some damage to Gurias. However, a solid line of fighting heroes breaks through and dispatches them. Some treasure is recovered from a gnoll gambling session, and the barbarian proves his “rustic” nature by digging through a dirty kennel to find a magical cloak.

Location #8: A number of Evistro demons patrol a room filled with horrific columns. Each one is seemingly composed of bodies, which grasp and scream out at random intervals. After some time battling the Evistros, the eyes flare up from the columns and scatter the party throughout the room… some right in the path of an angry Carnage demon that guards an altar. Gurias briefly finds himself staring down a large, powerful demon before Nohrik issues a Paladin’s divine challenge to draw the beast away. After the battle, the altar is searched, and the bell is found.

Location #6: The room is filled with mirrored pillars. Terrlen is the first to glance in the room, and finds that the mirrors are magical traps. He becomes weak and fatigued after staring at one, so the party decides to try to avoid staring at them. Nohrik and Glandrin try staring at the wall and making their way around the room, but they can’t seem to avoid catching one of the mirrors out of the corners of their eyes. But the mirrors they glance at do not steal lifeforce… instead, the two fight themselves in a chamber with no exit, confronted with a crazed gnoll. They cut it down, but have no choice but to pray to their deities that their companions will find a way to rescue them. Terrlen and Gurias close their eyes completely, and make their way around the room until they reach a curtained-off section. Terrlen is the first to step through, and is immediately beset upon by scimitar-wielding skeletons. Terrlen tosses the curtain over Gurias to get him inside, before launching into a rage to tear through the skeletons. Gurias finds himself uncomfortably to the skeletons, but fires off a few quick spells to aid the raging barbarian. Though they take some serious wounds, they defeat the skeletons. Gurias examines an indentation in the altar, and activates to both return his two companions to the room and uncover the next item: a mask carved of black wood. At this point, the adventurers were forced to retreat from the Well of Demons to deal with their wounds. They hide the items in the well in the first chamber, and take along Kujo back to his owner. They are rewarded for rescuing the dire boar, and rest in preparation for finishing the Well of Demons.


  • XP: 2000 XP for Nohrik, Glandrin, Gurias, and Terrlen. 1000 XP for Darian and Reschard.
  • Treasure: 268gp, Cloak of Resistance +2, Bracers of Defense (from the Well), 400 gp (for recovering Kujo)



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