Might of the Inquisition

Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 4: Guardian of the Well of Demons

Adventure 12


The party recovered from their grievous injuries previously suffered in the Adventure 11 Well of Demons, but only Gurias and Glandrin were feeling well enough to venture back in. Within the [[Seven-Pillared Hall]] they were found by Light and his guide Stephandrial who had been sent by the Inquisition to remind the wayward adventurers of their duties and assist where needed. Appreciating the help by the Warlock and the Ranger, they ventured back in to the Well. Back in the first room, the party discovered a heavily armored dwarf investigating the well where they had left two of the items they needed to unlock the final chamber. He introduced himself as Grob Zerk and claimed to own the mountain in the name of the Great Goat. After some negotiating, the party agreed to help him clear out the dungeon for him (or vice versa). Heading to the east, the party discovered a series of doors. Stephandrial listened at one of the doors and heard movement, and was sure there were other creatures around. Gurias stopped everyone and cast a silence ritual to block off the rooms from hearing one another. Thus, the party was able to dispatch a Gnoll warrior (who was confused why his allies weren’t coming to his aid after he kept shouting), and then a carnage demon. The demon was thrown back by a Thunderwave over a stone altar, which shattered and revealed the Book- the penultimate piece needed. To the west of the central chamber, the party discovered a massive room filled with deep pools of blood and massive minotaur statues. Some cautious investigations were undertaken before Gurias summoned a Tenser’s Floating Disk to carry him over the blood. The minotaur statues came to life and started to flail about (with flails, no less) and bizarre blood demons rose out of the pool to assault them. A battle commenced both in the corner as the blood things came to the party, and in the center where Gurias had stopped. Stephandrial and Light provided cover fire as Grob engaged the beasts directly. Glandrin performed a mighty Elven leap across much of the blood, then trudged through the remainder to come to Gurias’s rescue. Gurias swooped in to pick up a hilt in one corner, and barely managed to stay on his disk after a lashing from the other minotaur statue. He proceeds cautiously around the statue, catching his breath in the meantime. He dives in on the disk and is once again knocked down on his disk but manages to stay on. While prone, he grabs the blade, and speeds back to the entrance as the rest of the party takes down the last of the blood demons. The blade is assembled, and the party has all the pieces needed to open the chamber and face the Guardian. With a howl, the Guardian flies up from the pit, revealing himself to be a large green dragon. At once, traps around the room spring forth. An elemental vortex activates and sucks in some, grabbing skeletons restrain others, and magical crossbow turrets fire at the rest. Glandrin is the first to engage the dragon, and the two dance around in the heat of battle. Finally the others break free from the traps and also go after the dragon, making a concerted effort to push him into the path of one of the traps, a rotating energy sphere. The dragon stumbles backward under Glandrin’s assault, but the tricky dragon uses a simple charm to pull Glandrin into the path as well. Light cast a quick spell to swap positions with the Elven Fighter, and then dived out of the way. The sphere moved towards the dragon, but the dragon avoided it with his instinctive knowledge of the dungeon’s traps. However, it was not enough to prevent the adventurers from converging on the dragon and put an end to the guardian, eventually pushing it back into the hole it came from. The guardian defeated, the chambers opened to allow passage to the inner sanctum of the demonic Gnolls. A small side chamber revealed that the Gnoll Chieftan, a Warlock by the name of Maldrick Scarmaker, was in the process of trying to finish a dire ritual. If completed, a hole would be punched through to the Abyss itself, spelling trouble for Thunderspire and the entire world. The Warlock was heavily defended by a batch of demons summoned for the occasion. They kept the party at bay while the gnoll worked the completion of the ritual, the heroes standing by as captives were consumed by magic to fuel the foul spell. The third captive was consumed, and all the warlock needed to do was finish the last particularly different series of gestures and words. Light engaged him in a battle of warlock energies, attempting to wrest the magic away from him. Glandrin and Stephandrial fought their way clear of the demons to focus on the infernal warlock as their quarry. With only moments to spare before the ritual could be completed, Maldrick’s threat was stopped by the sword. In his chambers, they found a silver key, and the way to catch up to Paldemarr in his location: The Tower of Mysteries.


  • +2 Elven Cloak



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