Might of the Inquisition

Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 5: Tower of Mysteries

Adventure 13


After a quick stop-off in town, Glandrin Sunbeam, Nohrik, Reschard Tam, and Grob Zerk venture to the place to find Paldemarr, the renegade Mage of Saruun, and put an end to the threat to Thunderspire. The silver key found in the Well of Demons leads the way, and allows access to a small side-tunnel. Brandishing the key at the appointed place, a skeletal apparition manifests. It claims to be a portion of Vecna’s power, and will allow them access… for a price. Upon inquiring what it wants, it says simply: “Power, secrets, and souls.” The group struggles to come up with secrets that the spirit would want. The spirit seems equally derisive of their attempts. Grob curries some favor by explaining about the Great Goat. Reschard told a bit about his past, and Glandrin revealed a secret about himself and his mission to his companions (who may or may not share it with the others in the party). The spirit was not fully satisfied, taking a bit of their life force, but transporting them to the Tower of Mysteries. There, they faced creatures known as “Norkers”, goblins that have been warped due to exposure to Abyssal energies. They also fought some Engimas, petitioners of Vecna who steal secrets right from your mind and have the unusual habit of tearing at their own flesh constantly until it whips them into a rage. Teleportation circles, like the ones found at the Ghost Tower of Inverness, connected the floors. The second floor


  • Onyx (800 gp), Quartz (500 gp)
  • 1,000 gp
  • +2 Magic Staff
  • Ritual Book containing notes for “Paldemarr’s Planar Collapse”
  • Manuals of the Planes: “Hestavar, the Bright City”, “The Dark on Sigil, City of Doors”, “Codex Shadowfell”, “The Abyss: Pierced Heart of the Elemental Chaos”



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