Might of the Inquisition

Aberrations of the Black Spire

Adventure 15


  1. Nohrik is raised from the dead by Avandra and comes back bearing a magic coin.
  2. The party is lead into the basement. On the way, creatures break free. A grell kills their guide. A grell, two gricks, and a carrion crawler are defeated.
  3. A displacer beast, gibbering mouther, foulspawn grue, and foulspawn mangler are defeated.
  4. Darian agrees to smuggle out a Beholder’s spawn in exchange for safe passage by.
  5. Kruthiks are attacking Ebbek, who turns out to be a doppelganger.
  6. The real Ebbek is found.


A week passes afterward, before the party sets off on their next quest. In that time, the following occurs:

  • Bennik the Wanderer, Halfling Bard, arrives from Thunderspire. He brings with him two gifts from the Mages of Saruun. First, instructions on how to draw the connecting teleportation circle, which is inscribed in the sewers beneath the Stone Pony. He also has Dust of Appearance, a one-use magic item for if they encounter Paldemarr again. Bennik takes up residence in the Stone Pony Inn, providing stories and songs. He can be consulted about matters a bard might know about, for a small performance fee.
  • While the party has been gone, [[Shen One-Eyed]] One-Eye has selected the Stone Pony as his new bar of choice. (The elven bar doesn’t serve drinks strong enough for him). As always, he has his ear to the ground about Alexandren, and some drinking money will make him loosen his tongue.
  • Terrlen Darkstalker has made an agreement with the Inquisition, like the rest of the “Chosen.” If he prevents the prophecies, they will cure him of his Lycanthropy.
  • [[BH-005]] processed the contents of the New Alexandren Library, and has a better idea of what has happened since he slept. General Cogwheel has convinced the Warforged Paladin to go to Tartarus to be studied there, but your paths may cross again.
  • Gairdan Facio has moved his prospecting business to Alexandren, and also makes the Stone Pony his bar of choice. Occasionally, if the mood suits him, he may assist as a guide if he’s in town.


  • Coin of Avandra +2 Breathing a quick prayer to Avandra, your faith is channeled through this stone to turn the fates in your favor. Level: 8 Price: 3400 gp Implement (Holy Symbol) Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +2d6 damage Power (Daily): Free Action. Reroll an attack roll you made using this holy symbol and use the new result.
  • Scabbard of Sacred Might
  • 1800 gp (with bank and last adventure: 7700 gp)



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