Might of the Inquisition

Raiders of the Temple of the Last Crusade

Adventure 16


In Attendance: Nohrik, Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Darian Shadowheart, Light, Reschard Tam

  • Some regrouping and purchasing is done in Alexandren
  • On the way to the lizardman temple, the party runs into Nohrik’s clan, and is met by its haughty chieftain, Tegron. He scolds Nohrik, but provides the location of the temple.
  • They trudge through the swamp and stop a lizardman scout.
  • They find the temple, and use a silence ritual to setup an ambush.
  • Fight commences. At one point, Darian leaps off of a pillar and on top of a huge blackscale lizardman.
  • Guards defeated, they go inside. At the first set of stairs is a chamber with a sarcophagus. It releases a mummy, and a mechanism causes sand and scarabs to start pouring into the room. After some effort, Darian finds the trigger to stop the sand and escape, but the party is split.
  • Using the mechanism and the scarab’s dislike of sunlight, the party manages to regroup and head downstairs.
  • A long chamber filled with traps leads to a pedestal with an idol on it. Darian removes the idol, and is chased by a gelatinous sphere. Meanwhile, traps activate and snakes come out to try to stop them.
  • Glandrin is absorbed for much of the sphere’s path, and eventually Gurias is too, but they manage to escape before the sphere collides with columns and explode. Darian and the rest escape from the temple with the idol, and the two cube goers rescue Reschard who valiantly tried to rescue them.


  • XP: 1100
  • Money: 500 gp gem, 1050 gp, six 100 gp gems
  • Items: Wounding Dagger, Backbone Belt



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