Might of the Inquisition

The Hills Have Ogres

Adventure 17

In Attendance: Glandrin Sunbeam, Gurias Stormborn, Terrlen Darkstalker

  • After Adventure 16, the party rests on the way to Sarta. Darian Shadowheart and Light head off to return the idol to Alexandren.
  • Gurias takes watch via his trance. He hears Reschard Tam stirring. As he asks Reschard what’s going on, the Warlord hits the Wizard on the head, knocking him out. Terrlen arrives to assist, and the trio set off to follow Reschard.
  • The trail leads into the mountains, which Gurias remembers studying. Formerly, this was the center of a Dwarven kingdom known for their forging skills. (Refugees from this Kingdom would eventually help found Tartarus.) Below the mines, evil lurks.
  • The tunnels lead to a large outpost. The party tries to sneak around, but are caught by a dire wolf. They fight an Ogre with trained dire boars and dire wolf. The outpost has been picked clean. Reschard’s trail stops, but ogre tracks begin.
  • Following the tracks out of the mountains, the party comes across a trade road where the tracks become hard to follow. Gurias casts “Hand of Fate” which points them north.
  • They run into Prince Gargin, a Dwarven Prince of one of the kingdoms of Sarta. He explains that he has been displaced as Dyson, King of Tamhold, has been using his alliance with the giants to begin to conquer nearby kingdoms. Gargin is traveling to Alexandren with his loyal followers to explain the situation and ask for help. He says he spotted Reschard in the company of ogres, and points the party in the right direction. Glandrin offers to help militarily if Alexandren will not.
  • The party travels up a path into the hills, finding a secluded valley. The woods there are especially overgrown, and Terrlen notices that there are a large number of traps within the forest, creating a choke point in the path. The path is also trapped, but they are able to avoid it.
  • The path leads to a clearing with three buildings. Out of the building on the right, an ogre savage charges Glandrin. Another one comes out shortly thereafter, fighting to crush the Elf. A third comes out of the barn.
  • The battle is also joined by several ogres with obvious deformities (one with an extra vestigial head and the other with 2 extra vestigial arms). The barbarian makes short work of them.
  • The two ogre savages are cut down, but the skirmisher withdraws into a barn to let loose a dire boar. Gurias fires a sleep spell into the barn, affecting a number of unseen targets. The dire boar has no interest in fighting, and flees when given the chance.
  • Within the barn, the skirmisher is cut down, and three ogre children are cut down by the barbarian. After the combat stops, they calm down a remaining dire boar. Though it is not trained, it is friendly to the party. Unfortunately, the other flying boar landed in a trap, and was killed.
  • The party investigates the third house, and hear screaming from within. Gurias opens the door using Thunderwave, and the three spot a horrifying site: a female ogress mounting a zombie ogre. Disgusted, Gurias uses his Spectral Ram to send the two flying and interrupting the coitus. The ogress is determined to be an Oni Night Haunter that can control people in their dreams. She manages to put the barbarian to sleep for a time, and drain some of his essence. Glandrin dubs her a Hogre.
  • The battle goes on, and on her last legs, the Oni drains the essence of something in the closet, but it is not enough to keep her alive.
  • Reschard is found, unconscious and chained in the closet, but he will be fine. A chest found in the closet holds a note from Dyson. The party is wanted in Tamhold, with a 1,000 gp reward each, and a 3,000 gp reward for Reschard. The ogres were instructed to capture them for the reward when they investigated the magic item cache. Dyson also equipped them with magic items to complete the task. As Terrlen points out, the note is evidence against Dyson, and for Gargin’s case.


  • XP: 1300
  • GP: 2150
  • +3 Large Vicious Morningstar
  • 4 sets of +1 Large Leather Armor
  • 2 Large +1 Morningstars
  • 2 Large +1 Javelins
  • Ritual Book containing: Sending, Phantom Steed, Undead Servitor



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