Might of the Inquisition

Who Sees the Seer?

Adventure 18


In attendance: Reschard Tam, Gurias Stormborn, Glandrin Sunbeam

  • While passed out, Reschard receives an offer from Vecna to help against Content Not Found: Dyson. Though Reschard is tempted, he ultimately refuses the dark god’s offer, and the Lord of Secrets vows revenge.
  • The trio arrive in Ithaca, one of the bigger villages of the Elven Beastlands.
  • They meet Razorvine Ithaca, mayor of the town, who informs Glandrin that a seer has come into the area, and they’ve been having problems with everyone trying to seek out the seer.
  • Trolls attack the town and try to take villagers hostage to get the location of the seer. In the midst of things, the delegation from the Kingdom of Dusk arrives and helps against the trolls.
  • Istarya, Colonel Crackmar, and Lord Nedry McNuggety are in negotiations with Ithaca about a possible treaty. Istarya agrees to assist the party in tracking down the seer.
  • The trail leads to a crossing between the Feywild and the material world, in a strange co-mingled state. As they venture forth, Istarya fades out.
  • The forest becomes strange, with massive overhangings blocking out the sun from view. A series of stone markers, written in Elvish, spell out the following riddle:
    • “I am useless when hidden, but gain power when shared”
    • “I can be bad or good”
    • “Even if I am stolen, you can still use me”
    • “You can have me but never hold me”
  • The path leads to a clearing, with a strange stone scarab in the middle. Nature itself moves to attack the characters, but Gurias speaks aloud the answer to the riddle: “An idea!” and the guardians melt away, and the seer is revealed. She is Istarkoi, and answers the questions of the party through her gift, before disappearing. (See The Visions of Istarkoi below).
  • She sends the party away to outside Alexandren, where they move to the Black Spire to report their findings.
  • Outside the Spire is a massive rally being held by Istarmani against the Inquisition, where he also reveals his new wife, Alice Starr, who showed herself to being a traitor.
  • As the party tries to argue with the hate-speaker (and secret Drow), there’s a huge explosion from underneath, and the Beholder that had been trapped under the spire emerges and begins zapping townsfolk. Istarmani blames it on the Inquisition, and attacks. The party moves towards the creature, which begs them to put it out of its misery and claims to be otherwise controlled. The party too engages it, and puts it down, just as the Inquisition itself emerges from the spire to help (along with the other party members).
  • In the confusion, one of the Inquisition guards is seen leaving the Spire and fleeing the fight.
  • Istarmani and Alice escape. Ebbek informs the party that since their cover has been blown by the noble and cleric, they are being sent to complete specialized training while things die down.
  • Then Ebbek discovers that the Pelorite Prophecy Scroll has been stolen…

The Visions of Istarkoi

The Coming of the Chained God

  • The Chained God’s Prison has come undone.
  • Etherium is his prison that keeps darkness at bay, but carries his taint, and attracts his servants.
  • The Well at Portalis is the key to unified time.
  • The Chosen will go to the stars to seal the prison.
  • The prophecies shall become lost, and that shall be the only way to stop them.
  • “What is the Chained Gods name?” “I dare not speak it.”
  • “How will we get to the stars?” “A magnificent vessel.”

The Prophecies

  • The Prophecies were written by Istarkoi.
  • The Inquisition does the right things for the wrong reason: their Empire.
  • Some prophecies are coming true, some are coming. false
  • “How much time do we have?” “Not enough.”
  • “Have we been successful in the prophecies?” “That is the wrong question.”
  • “How many go unaddressed?” “That is the wrong question.”
  • “What would happen if we reveal the secret of Etherium to the Inquisition?” “What they always do.”

The Chosen

  • Glandrin Sunbeam will make a new nation, but never shall it be his.
  • Gurias Stormborn will return to his homeland so as to bring its destruction. The only way back is the long way around.
  • No divorce shall be granted between Elana and Dyson. The only way to free her is to do the unthinkable.
  • “Where is Axe of the Dwarvish Lords?” “In the heart of the earth, where the Dwarves come from.”
  • “Will the kingdom of Tam ever be returned to peace?” “A certain kind of peace.”
  • “What is the Halfling idol of Darian Shadowheart’s village?” “Like the prison, but before the prison.”
  • “Will Light be cured?” “Someday.”
  • “Will Nohrik’s tribe be returned to him?” “No.”
  • “Will Nohrik’s tribe gain the rights they seek?” “Yes.”
  • “Who will betray us?” “That is clouded.”


  • “Will we encounter Paldemarr again?” “Yes, as he serves Vecna.”
  • “Will Vecna do bad things to us?” “It’s a secret.”
  • “Can we use anything against Vecna?” “Find his eye and hand.”



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