Might of the Inquisition

The Hamlet of Lost Children

Adventure 2

After the events of Adventure 1, the party return to The Stone Pony Inn to rest and recover. Kelric offers the party rooms to stay in for as long as they like, in gratitude for saving his son and his Inn. Waking up the next morning, the party has two visitors, fresh from the office of Ebbek: Nohrik and Alice Starr. They are joining the mission, and bring with them details of the next mission. The Second Prophecy has something to do with missing children, so the party should investigate any missing child reports. From there, everyone decides to split up: * Light and Alice head to a local orphanage run by Pelorite Nuns. They don't have anyone who's been missing any moreso than normal. * Gurias heads to the Black Spire to speak to Ebbek, but is told that Ebbek is a very busy man and can't see "just anyone off the street", but the message will be passed on. * Darian wandered in the city, trying to eavesdrop on random conversations in case one lead to a clue. He heard [[Rumor: Ghost Tower]] and [[Rumor: Dragon Attack]]. * Nohrik went to the City Guard to ask at the front desk. They responded that they couldn't issue any reports until 48 hours missing had passed. However, he did find Rickert. * Reschard spoke to Benny, Kelric's son. Benny hadn't heard anything from his friends about anyone missing, or further encounters with goblins. * Glandrin went carousing at a local Elven bar for information, and heard [[Rumor: Elven Noble]]. * After failing to find any information at the orphanage, Light and Alice head to the slums of Alexandren, and try to get themselves attacked by street urchin so as to question them. However, Alice's performance is less than convincing, and they are ignored. Everyone reconvenes at The Stone Pony, where Nohrik introduces Rickert to everyone. Rickert explains that his son Billy has gone missing, along with two other children. He comes from the small town of Portalis, at the edge of the range of Alexandren's Etherium and one of the small farming communities that supports the main city. The party agrees to head out to there, leaving Rickert behind to place a missing person's report with the city guard when the requisite time had passed. A few hours later, the party arrives at the town, to find it in sharp contrast to the bustling city life. Most of the townsfolk were still working in the farmlands, leaving few to speak to in town. The party investigated Rickert's small house, finding nothing unusual in the brickmaker's home and workshop. A local shopkeep gives a little information, saying that Timmy, Billy, and Mandy are the three missing children. Meanwhile, Gurias has a strange feeling about the Etherium's effects in this area. Reschard goes out into the farmlands to speak with one of the villagers, and his son. The boy is initially reluctant to discuss anything, but after Reschard speaks of his own son and offers him a sunrod to play with, he opens up a bit. Billy, Mandy, and Timmy were dared to go down the Haunted Well at the edge of town as part of initiation into the kids' club, but then they never came back up, and the kids who dared them were afraid they would get in trouble so they didn't say anything. Reschard leaves to share this information, while the boy is grounded by his mother and has the sunrod taken away. [[Image:well.jpg]] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/davethegame/2644161141/ Full Size, Annotated Image] The party converges on the Well just outside of town (but still in a paved section.) Alice and Norick move to investigate the well… but are ambushed by very large spiders leaping out of the well. Some strange beetles follow them out shortly thereafter, and begin spitting fire on whomever they see. The beetles get off some good shots, and the spiders wreak all kind of leaping-havoc, but all the bugs are squashed. After some rest and recovery, the descent down the well on rope begins. Reschard and Glandrin are the first down the well, spotting only some old skeletons at the bottom. But as they investigate further, they are engulfed by something quite gooey… [[Image:cube.jpg]] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/davethegame/2644988132/in/photostream/ Full Size Image] The two manage to get off a quick cry for help before being absorbed into the Gelatinous Cube, and can only watch in horror as the skeletons rise around them and draw weapons. Darian and Norick rush down as quickly as they can, but end up taking some damage from the fall. The others try to avoid falling by being careful down the rope. The skeletons are easily broken apart, except for one more heavily-armored skeleton who harasses any not absorbed. But the biggest problem is dealing with the ravenous cube, which at one point manages to absorb 4 of our intrepid heroes at once. Everyone is knocked to the brink of unconsciousness at least once, but some inspiring words from the Warlord keep everyone going just enough. At one point, the Warlock inflicts horrific hallucinations upon the Cube (What are Gelatinous Cubes afraid of? They speculated hoses) and those hallucinations cause it to stumble into the Master Skeleton and deal some damage to it. The cube also falls victim to a patch of Icy Terrain, sending the cube toppling over and disoriented until it manages to right itself. The rogue somehow manages to regain his range of motion within the cube, and viciously stabs at it from the inside. Enough combined attacks puncture it, letting all those trapped within spill out. From there, everyone is able to focus their attacks on the one master skeleton. A long rest follows as everyone tries to get the goo out of their clothes. They poke around the room, and discover two important things: one, the master skeleton was wielding a magic scimitar, which Glandrin gladly takes for himself, and two, Timmy had been hiding behind a loose stone in the wall of the well. He says when the three kids came down, they were attacked by the cube, and scattered around to hide. He is helped back up the rope by Reschard, before everyone sets off through a heavy stone door towards the rest of the tunnels connected to the well. [[Image:tunnels.jpg]] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/davethegame/2644989470/in/photostream/ Full Size Image] Scouting ahead, Darian discovers the tunnels split three ways. He hears water down one way, and encourages everyone to follow him. However, the party quickly discovers what's down each way. The passage to the right contains a cavern where the floor has collapses, and a little girl just barely balancing on a ledge. The left passage contains a slow-flowing stream, from which a creature made of vaguely sold water emerges. The passage straight ahead contains some manner of zombie hounds, and a murmuring child. The warriors move to engage the hounds, while the rogue engages the water-creature by himself. Alice stays behind to try and help the girl, and encourages the girl to jump to her. At first, the girl is afraid, but the Cleric's words convince her that she'll be safe… and by a miracle, the little girl has enough strength to make the big leap across to safety, before heading out of the well. The warriors manage to get the hounds into a chokepoint in the tunnels, and even though the hounds are effective at knocking the warriors over, they still manage to mostly hold the line against the vile creatures. Meanwhile, the rogue continues his fight against the water creature, only to have it split into two before him. The creatures are all dispatched before they investigate the murmuring boy. As Light reaches down to help the boy, he vanishes, and the ceiling collapses in on the area. Light manages to draw upon his Warlock powers to just barely get out of the way. Though two children have been rescued, the third still has not been found. Gurias attempts to trace the source of the illusion, and leads the way down the tunnel past the river. [[Image:chamber.jpg]] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/davethegame/2644164849/in/photostream Full Size Image] Darian once again scouts ahead, and comes across a massive chamber. In the middle sits a gaping mouth that seems to be formed out of the stone itself, but leads to somewhere else. In the corner, down a rocky slope, two winged beasts torment a small boy. Darian cannot let this stand and charges in to save him. The mouth begins to cough up strange beings that appear to be made of solid fat. The rest of the party moves in to fend off the creatures and save the boy, while dealing with the creatures crawling out from the mouth. Gurias throws a sheet of ice over the mouth to slow down anything coming out of it. One of the winged things is dispatched, and the other turns invisible. The other fat-creatures are killed off, dying in an explosion of grease and pus. Just when they think everything is under control, a large demon crawls out of the mouth. Light recognizes it as a powerful Carnage Demon, a fearsome demonic killing machine. Alice and Nohrik throw radiant energy at the mouth, and find they can damage it. After hitting it with enough strikes, the mouth begins to implode, taking the whole cavern with it. Most of the party manages to flee (with Reschard taking the small boy in tow), and Glandrin braves guards the rear, taking a swing from the creature. Everyone manages to get out in time before the cavern collapses, taking the demon along with it. Rickert has returned to town, and is grateful to see his son back safely (though a bit torn up.) The boy managed to find a pouch in the tunnels, which he gladly gives to the party. Several of the townspeople also hand over some of the weapons that have been passed down from their forefathers to get some use by the PCs. '''Loot:''' * +1 Thundering Scimitar (already given) * +1 Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions * +1 Razor Scale * +1 Curseforged Chain * +1 Lifedrinker Halberd * +1 Cloak of Resistance * 200 gp 



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