Might of the Inquisition

This Adventure Has Pirates

Adventure 20


The party returned to Alexandren to investigate the disappearance of the Pelorite Prophecy scroll. By enlisting the aid of a young (and naive) Friar, they were able to determine the identity of who took it: one Jasper Myfros, an Inquisition guard. The trail lead the party to the slums and the door of a Tiefling drug dealer named Basher. He tells them about a service used to smuggle people out of the city secretly. While leading them to the meeting point, he was attacked by assassins who looked like Drow to Gurias, Reschard, and Light, and regular Elves to Terrlen and Bael. The attackers were routed, just as something landed on a nearby roof. The thing landing turned out to be an invisible airship captained by Dwarven pirates/smugglers. The ship is the S. S. Cloudreaver, piloted by Captain Long Tall McSwiggen an crewed by Briggs, Truncheon, Micks, and Widge. The Dwarves drive a hard bargain, but agree to take the party where they took Jasper. On the journey, Terrlen discovers a Brain in a Jar in the crow’s nest, which the pirates say is powering the ship, and not to mess with it. Then, in the air, they are attacked by the Wyrmmother, the gargantuan black dragon the party encountered (and fled from) previously, claiming it could smell the party on the ship. The party scrambles to try and fend off the attacks from the dragon, but find that they can’t harm the dragon, and begin to use the ballistas to fire on the dragon’s wings to slow her down. A search of the ship’s hold revealed an anchor and chain, as well as barrels of rum. They were brought up to the top, just as the ballista bolts ran out. A plan was hastily put together to fire the barrles of rum attached to the chain and anchor out of the ballistas as a makeship bola, while Bael rode it towards the dragon. The makeshift bola stopped the dragon temporarily, and the Avenger swore an Oath against the dragon to teleport it a safe distance. Gurias cast a feather fall over the plummeting Avenger, and Reschard leapt off the bow (tied to a mast) to scoop him up and get them back to the boat. The Dwarven pirates admitted that they were going to sell the PCs into slavery, but agreed that to no longer do so, and bring them to where Jasper was taken. The party landed in a Neogi slaver camp, and snuck into a tent to start to take out the guards and creatures. The Neogi commanded the dominated human slaves into battle against the party. Bael’s powers struck down several of them as they charged in. Light’s warlock powers destroyed several of the slaves (including Jasper) as he teleported away, and Gurias panicked and wiped out even more of the human slaves. The Neogi were routed, but the part did not manage to find the prophecy scroll among the possessions captured by the Neogi, leaving their only lead dead by the Warlock’s power. The spell of domination was broken by the Neogi’s death, and the remaining human slave filled the party in (though with reluctance since they had cut down the other innocents). The bodies of the slaves were put with the pirate ship to be taken to a city to get taken care of, as they were encouraged to rethink their life of crime.


  • GP: 9500
  • Loot: 2 Potions of Vitality
  • XP: For routing the Drow/Not Drow: 550 XP each, for launching a rum barrel/anchor bola from two ballista while a Deva rides it: 800 XP each, and for slaughtering innocent slaves (and some Neogi too): 500 XP each, total



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