Might of the Inquisition

The Claw of Purple

Adventure 21


Gurias explained it matter-of-factly: the magic was failing. The Gentle Repose spell cast upon Jasper was failing for some reason. If they wanted any chance to bring him back, they would have to do it soon before it was too late. Reschard repeated the urgency of taking out the threat of the purple dragon, but they knew they couldn’t wait any longer. Mielka arrived through the portable Teleportation Circle to perform the Raise Dead ritual, conducted hastily at the Halfling fishing village. A makeshift altar is set up in the main hut. The ritual takes time… but clearly something has gone wrong. Ravens start to gather as the ritual is finished. Jasper’s eyes fly open, but there is something not right about him. His eyes are black and cold. His mouth opens, but the voice echoing forth is not his voice, and instead something unnatural and almost… feminine. “Servant of Moradin and the Chosen,” it says, “this vessel was sent to me by one of my servants. It is mine to keep and do with as I wish. This soul is an important one, and I will not give it up easily. You must bring me another important soul in exchange, plus a token of something important that has gone beyond. Until you do this, I will use this body for my bidding alone. Do not attempt to stop me, or you will regret it. Provide me with what I seek, and you shall be rewarded. Such is my word.”


After searching the remnants of the Neogi slave camp, the party finds that they were having the humans dig over a wide area. For what? Uncertain, and the Neogi had packed up and left in a hurry after being attacked. Jasper’s body was placed “on ice” by having Gentle Repose cast on his body and stored in the bag of holding. The party then trekked to the fishing village where Darian Shadowheart was from. There, in the tiny poor fishing village, they met Darian’s grandfather, and Darian’s little brother Mikaal. Mikaal revealed, after some cajoling, that he had taken the statue after being rescued by a dragon. The party navigated down the river and arrived at a waterfall, behind which was a massive cave infested by Kobolds and drakes. A battle ensued against them, with some of the drakes showing the ability to teleport (and ride teleports). After working their way through the top layer, they descended to do battle against a large purple dragon that possessed psionic powers. It used its abilities to turn members of the party against each other with a hypnotic stare, and phase in and out of the cavern walls. While doing battle with it, the party rescued a small, brownish colored metallic dragon from a cage. Though they made great strides in fighting the purple dragon, they eventually decided to abscond with the draconic captive, leaving behind the dragon’s horde (and an angry, vengeful dragon). The dragon explained that he was an Electrum Dragon named Nicco Sandro whom heard that the purple dragon was working on something big to destroy the local halfling villages and steal the Statue. Nikosandro took action in getting Mikaal to bring him the statue, which he hid amongst his horde. Afterward, the purple dragon captured him and tried to extract the information from his mind. Nikosandro went on to explain that he was part of an older draconic family dedicated to guarding the statue from their nemesis, the Chained God (whose name is Tharizdun). However, information about Tharizdun has been lost, and the only known place to find out more information about him was in the long lost Alexandren Library… which the only way to find would be to travel back in time. Nikosandro offered up some of his horde, and the party decided to leave the Statue under his guard, as long as he promised to protect the halfling fishing villages.


  • XP: 1800 XP
  • Treasure: 5040 gp, Divine Retribution Chainmail +3, Cloak of Distortion +3



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