Might of the Inquisition

Unfinished Business

Adventure 22

In Attendance: Gurias Stormborn, Mielka Dawnhammer, Light, Reschard Tam, Bael Corvus, Glandrin Sunbeam, Darian Shadowheart, Raiden

  • After much debate, the party returned to finish off the purple dragon from last adventure, who was joined this time by two “Elemental Eyes.” Its lair was trapped to collapse upon its death, which several members of the party risked death to recover some of its (waterlogged) horde. During this fight, they are joined by the traveling swordsman Raiden.
  • After a brief stop in the Halfling fishing village with no name, the party headed off to the Kingdom of Dusk. They met with Lord McNuggety, who treated them to a marvelous feast, and delivered a note from Istarya who went to investigate a disturbance in Portalis. In the meantime, the party was asked to find Istarya’s traveling vessel and given a magic key to find it. Gurias has a vision while grasping the key that leads them to the Dwarven nation of Tarturia. McNuggety reveals that they have a clandestine teleportation circle going to Tarturia, and they’re off again.
  • Investigations in Tarturia lead to conversations with a local Dwarven scholar about the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, who promises to investigate further (and seems to be taken with Mielka). The key leads to a stone tower in the city, the home of Sorvad the artificer. The artificer was unfriendly and a bit unhinged (but clearly was interested in the key) and invited them downstairs… where he ambushed the party with his constructs.
  • One of the creatures loosed upon the party was a Dweomer Eater, a larger cousin to a Rust Monster, who consumed Raiden’s signature weapon. Into the battle, Sorvad threatened to alert the town guard if he is murdered using his constructs, making them wanted men in Tarturia. Some negotiations began, with the more bloodthirsty members wanting to fight out, while others protested. Eventually a tentative truce was reached, and half the party went into the blue traveling box that Sorvad had stored in a corner. The door shut, and the box disappeared…


  • XP: 1575 each
  • Money: 34 pp, 95 gp, 40 sp, 100 cp + 1 sapphire worth 1000 gp (looks to have been used as the focus of a ritual)



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