Might of the Inquisition

Here Lies Olyesse Hran

Adventure 24


Darian, Bael, Gurias, and Raiden enter the traveling machine, only to have it seal itself and begin to fade out before the others’ eyes. The machine for some reason leaves Gurias behind, but whisks away with the other three. The Avenger, Rogue, and Swordmage cautiously explore the machine that is bigger on the inside than the outside, attempting to quickly find a way to stop the machine from activating. They discover an otherworldly figure hiding within the machine named Jeq who explains that he stowed away on the machine a long time ago and used his abilities to hide from the crazed artificer who was trying to use it. But the machine had fired itself up: Jeq was trying to stop it, but it seemed to have a mind of its own. Then, the machine arrived at its destination, and the central core lit up, spewing multicolored sparks throughout the chamber. Then, the entire thing powered down. The four travelers peaked outside, and found themselves just outside of Portalis… and the traveling machine seems inert for the time being. Jeq suggests that its power core needs to be replaced… and it was powered by Etherium. Elsewhere, the rest attended the Hassberg Auction and obtained a copy of a first edition manuscript of Olyesee’s Journey. An eager Dwarven scholar, Alosius Fumblebeard, translates the manuscript and he believes that the last resting place of the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is located in the ocean to the north of Einland. The PCs re-establish contact with their base at the Chamber of Eyes and with each other, deciding that it might be time to have concurrent investigations running in order to cover more ground. Everyone regroups, and discusses what their next step should be…


Getting the assistance of the Dwarven pirates, the party is taken to Olyesse Island, where they fight a purple worm and journey through the Dwarven hero’s tomb.


  • XP: 2500 each
  • 4 gems totaling 4400gp



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