Might of the Inquisition

Little Issues With Dragons

Adventure 3

After Adventure 2 in Portalis, the townspeople are grateful. So grateful, in fact, that they offer to give the heroes who rescued their children a ride back to Alexandren. The carts can only carry 4 people each, so two carts set off on different paths towards Alexandren. This is the story of one of those carts. Nohrik, Alice, Light, and Reschard arrive in the town of Johannsville to grab some quick dinner. While trying to enjoy an easy meal, Nohrik and Light are accused of being up to no good, and being involved in the recent dragon attacks. They do their best to dissuade the townsfolk that they are just passing through, and buy everyone a round to prove their intentions. One man in the bar is unconvinced, and fetches Leonard, the town sheriff. The helpful bartender explains that the folks of Johannsville have been harassed by a dragon, and as a result, are becoming increasingly desperate and skittish. The party decides to investigate the town, and agree to meet up at sundown to figure out what to do next. Light and Nohrik offer to investigate by heading over to the side of town where the halfling families reside. Investigating, they soon spot a dirty-looking halfling attempting to pick Nohrik's pockets. They grab the halfling and begin to interrogate the thief. Fearing for his life, the halfling calls out a prayer to Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons and Greed. This surprises the pair, who latch on to this lead. The halfling identifies himself as Alastair Proudfoot, and he hurriedly explains that Tiamat worshipers have come to town to help the halflings steal from the townsfolk. Nohrik and Light place their hands over the halfling's ears, and discuss a ruse. They claim that they are members of the Cult of Tiamat, here to assist. Alastair offers to lead them to "the boss", and the pair follow. Meanwhile, back in the tavern, Alice and Reschard meet with the Sheriff. The Sheriff clearly is not all that bright, and fond of the drink. He gives some warnings to the pair about not stepping out of line- before returning to his drink. Alice steps out of the tavern, and begins to give some speeches to raise the spirits of the humans of Johannsville while Reschard holds down the fort. Nohrik and Light are lead deep into the forest by Alastair, and out of range of the Etherium. Alastair points them into a strange ruined structure, and says they are to meet with the boss by themselves. Alastair takes his payment, and runs back off into the forest. The pair sneak up cautiously… then hear shouts coming up from the side. "Come face me, dragon!" shouts a would-be dragonslayer. This is enough to draw forth the resident of the structure: a large silver dragon. With slow, ponderous steps, the dragon advances on the dragonslayer. Nohrik and Light come out of hiding to try to intervene. The dragon inhales deeply. The dragonslayer turns and flees. The dragon exhales before turning his attention to the other two. They explain that a dragon has been harassing the townspeople, but quickly determine that this dragon is not the one. Not only does it seem to just want to be left alone, but it's repelled by the Etherium. It would take considerable effort to harass the town… but the dragon declares that if he is not left alone, he will make the effort and wipe the town out once and for all. Nohrik asks the dragon for anything that might help prove that the dragon has been "defeated" for calming the townsfolk, and it offers up some of its waste. They take a foul-smelling bag back to town. They also swear that they'll find and get revenge on Alastair, who tried to get them killed. Back in town, something has stirred up the townsfolk. The humans in town, lead by the Sheriff, bear torches and march on the halfling part of town. The blame has been placed on the small ones' shoulders. Reschard and Alice sneak around to halfling part of the village, and desperately try to come up with a plan. They can think of only one thing: "DRAGON! THE DRAGON IS ATTACKING!" While some halflings remain barricaded in their homes, some are convinced of the impending attack and run out into the woods to try to be safe. The angry mob also hears the warning about dragons, and breaks down into confusion and disorder. The mob is disbursed and the Sheriff returns to the bar. Nohrik and Light return and meet back up with Alice and Reschard, who exchange everything that's transpired. This gives them a quick opportunity to scout around, and they realize that some of the houses look a bit nicer, and haven't been used in a while. Could the halflings really be to blame? However, they decide to turn in for the evening, because tracking in the dark didn't seem wise. They return to the inn, where the bartender quickly lets them in ("there's a dragon out there, don'tcha know".) They hand over the dragon waste and say they've killed the dragon, and that's the proof. The next morning, rumors have begun to spread about the dragon's demise, though none are yet entirely convinced. The party heads out to follow the trail of halfling feet into the forest. [[Image:forestbattle1.jpg]] The trail leads to a small clearing, and a strange stone structure. As they move to investigate, arrows fly out from the forest. A group of elves come into view, shouting "We will defeat you, vile orcs!" It is soon apparent that the elves are under some kind of magical effect and cannot tell what is going on. After a few vicious arrow shots from the elves, the party learns to weave in and out of the forest to gain an advantage in the fight. Alice fires off a Cause Fear prayer at one of the archers, who flees into the forest. After shaking off the fear, the elf returns to the fight… but no longer under the magical effect. The battle ensues, with the party making sure to just knock the confused elves out instead of killing them. The spells wear off, and the elves explain why they're there. The area is a strange overlap between the prime material plane and the Feywild… and something has come through from the other side. The elves were sent to investigate the incursion, but fell under the effect of an illusion spell. One of the elves offers to try and track whatever came through. [[Image:ruinedchurch.jpg]] The path through the forest leads to a ruined church, overgrown with vines. Standing outside are two human guards, who are alerted to the not-so-stealthy group coming through the forest. Fortunately, they get the jump on the two guards, and knock them out. They spread out to look in the church, and witness an odd ceremony of halflings inside the church. On the pulpit stands a gnome wielding a small wand and an ornate blade. Nohrik the Paladin will not stand for such blasphemy, and kicks down the door. The chant begins: "Summon the dragon! The dragon! The dragon!" and magic pours from the head gnome, who forms into the shape of a green dragon. However, the party is not fooled by such a simple illusion. Light unleashes his Curse of the Dark Dream spell, which disrupts the illusion and summons back the gnome. The gnome refuses to go on without a fight and casts a spell to warp the terrain around the church. Then the gnome slips into the shadows, along with another gnome compatriot. Alice realizes that she has no magic to dispel invisibility magics, but decides she doesn't need it. She lights a torch, and begins to spread the smoke around the room, catching one of the gnomes in its area. Reschard reaches his halberd through a broken window to stab at some of the halflings, before finally stepping through to engage. Light blows out a window with an Eldritch blast. Nohrik sees Alastair among the halfling combatants, and decides to exact some revenge. Nohrik summons up a powerful strike against the annoying thief, but the halfling is granted a "second change" and just barely manages to get out of the way. Deciding that this is enough for him, Alastair flees into the forest. Alice takes off after him and summons a surge of energy to blast at him. The party tells their elven archer companion to chase after the halfling, who agrees, knocks an arrow, and fires straight into Alastair's heart. [[Image:ruinedchurch2.jpg]] The gnome illusionist and all of his followers are dispatched. The threat of the illusionary dragon has ended. Light makes sure to retrieve the pact blade from the gnome's hands, and everyone is sure to collect all the ill-gotten wealth the small ones have taken. The scheme becomes apparent: harass the town with an illusionary dragon, create panic to feed the goals of Tiamat, while the halflings take advantage of the confusion to rob the town. [[Image:deadalastair.jpg]] The party returns to town triumphant. Unfortunately, their experience at the church seems to confirm that the halflings are to blame, and the villagers will probably bring their ire against the small ones, whether they are involved or not… Loot * +1 Pact Blade Dagger (claimed by Light) * 350 gp



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