Might of the Inquisition

The Treasure of Talon Pass (Part 1)

Adventure 4


Two carts departed from Portalis to bring their heroes back to Alexandren. One ran into some trouble along the way. The other arrived safely back at The Stony Pony Inn. The latter found a letter waiting for them from Istarmani, who invited Glandrin, Gurias, and associates for a job. They sought out the noble’s manor, which was staffed entirely by Elves. The noble was dressed in an elegant but utilitarian outfit colored crisp black. he introduces himself personally, and says that there is an object of which he needs recovered. The Jade Chalice is the final missing piece in an ornate set crafted long ago. Treasure hunters have long sought it out, since many know of it but none have managed to lay eyes on it in centuries. A new lead has arisen as to its location- since Istarmani’s rival has sent the Nightfist Mercenary Company to a location beyond the reach of the Etherium to recover it. Now that he knows the location, Istarmani seeks some hearty Elves (and companions) to recover it for him before the Orcish mercenaries do. The party tries to inquire as to the identity of Istarmani’s rival, but he refuses to elaborate, leading them to make some wild speculations. Istarmani offers a tidy sum to bring him back the Jade Chalice, and additionally switches to Elven to make some more personal offers to Gurias and Glandrin. The party agrees, and the party is supplied with horses to travel to the location as quickly as possible to head off the mercenaries. A quick stop back at the Inn leads the entire party to reassemble, sharing quickly the details of their last adventure. Another note has arrived, this one from the Inquisition: the second prophecy has completely disappeared from the magic scroll, which indicates that it has been stopped. They are working on deciphering the third prophecy, so the party has some time. With that, they head off! Thanks to Istarmani’s directions, they find the former Tower of Talon Pass, with stairs leading downward from behind a waterfall. Outside, they tie up the horses, and notice that a large group has recently come through here… the Nightfist Orcs have beaten them there. [[Image:talonpass1.jpg]] Descending into the first room, the party finds two ways to proceed. One set of doors is busted open. The other is shut, and has red writing painted over it in Draconic. (Unfortunately, the only member of their group that speaks Draconic stayed behind.) Darian rigs the busted open doors to alert the party if anyone tries to come through there, and hopefully slow the orcs down. [[Image:talonpass2.jpg]] Proceeding through the door, Darian scouts down the dark passage, the rest of the party trailing behind. As soon as the last person steps through, the door shuts on its own and seals itself. Shuffling footsteps reveal the presence of a zombie regiment, who had been standing guard for centuries. Two other undead, dressed in officer clothing, spring out from a side passage. The zombies are easily dispatched thanks to judicious use of Icy Terrain and fighting prowess. The two wights are a bit tougher to handle thanks to their horrific visages scaring away any who come near, but are eventually hacked into dust. [[Image:talonpass3.jpg]] The party searches the rooms, but finds nothing of value, so they backtrack through the other passage. Once again, Darian sneaks ahead, and comes across two wolves gnawing on Orcish and Kobold bones. Darian, from his hidden position, takes advantage of the situation and throws a shuriken in the exact right spot to deal massive damage to one wolf, which Reschard and Glandrin rush in to finish off. This alerts the Orcs in a corner, who charge at the party, lead by a fearsome Berserker. A mass melee ensues, with the combatants swirling around each other in constant attempts to gain an advantage in combat. Icy Terrain once again takes out a number of foes at once, Light unleashes his horrific nightmare attack on the Berserker, and Darian jumps and rolls around to take advantage of enemy weak points. [[Image:talonpass4.jpg]] The next room contained a single orc hiding behind a pillar, being bombarded by Kobold slingshots from a high ledge. Darian wastes no time in dispatching the Orc, who can only give off a pathetic look before collapsing. The slingers harry the party, who are then flanked by Kobolds wielding black dragon scales as shields. One of the Kobolds wields a magic short sword, which Darian quickly scoops up and claims as his own. After defeating all the Kobolds (and getting unstuck from glue and shaking off the stinkpots) they raid the Kobold living quarters and pocket the gold they had. [[Image:talonpass5.jpg]] They move on to the next room to find another contingent of Kobolds waiting for them. One there unleashes various spells, and at one point breaths acid over a group of our heroes. Soon, those kobolds join the ones in the previous room in death. At this point, the heroes decide that they are exhausted and need to rest. Darian and Gurias suffered wounds in the battle that cause them to fall back for the time being. The rest try to find a safe camping spot for the night to rest and recover before tackling the second level of the sunken Tower. However, the dying words of one of the Kobolds still worries them: “Skatharilan kill you.”



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