Might of the Inquisition

The Treasure of Talon Pass (Part 2)

Adventure 5


After the series of battles that the party encountered in the Tower of Talon Pass, they decide they need to rest before descending another level. Gurias and Darian were wounded in the last battle and have to bow out for now, lest their injuries become permanent. However, while resting, Nohrik manages to catch up the party (having finished observing a holiday of Avandra) and ran into a young Wizard named Alastair on the way who was also searching for Talon Pass to study it. He joins up with the group to help clear the tower of the monster infestation. [[Image:talonpass6.jpg]] The party descends the stairs, and encounters a group of drakes, some of whom spring out from a curtain in the center of the room, and begin to fly about. [[Image:talonpass7.jpg]] At the other end of the room, magically animated ballistae (a kind of homunculus called an Arblaster) guard a stage. In the center, a 12 foot tall statue of a warrior watches the room. As the melee combatants climb on the stage to engage, the statue is revealed to be trapped. The Arblasters try to scuttle away on their tripods, but are cut down. [[Image:talonpass9.jpg]] A stone door leads to a rough tunnel leading onward. A passage splits to the left into a wider cave, revealing a small pool of water… where a large black dragon cools its tail! Skalatharin, black dragon boss of the kobold tribe, lives in this area. Startled by the intruders, he exudes magical darkness which coalesces by the entrance. This forces the party to change tactics a bit and make their way through the blackness. Light and Alastair try to find another way around, but only succeed in narrowly avoiding attention by other monsters in the next room. [[Image:talonpass8.jpg]] An epic fight commences against the dragon, with party members falling before its acid breath and mighty claws. The adventurers through all the tricks in their repertoire at it, and finally have it on the run. The dragon cloaks itself in darkness to try to rest and recover, making it impossible to find within to fire at. But Alastair, their new ally, has the idea to throw a Cloud of Daggers blindly within the darkness, which managed to grind away at the dragon by filling the air with force daggers. It soon has to retreat, where several of the ranged warriors are waiting, and cut the dragon down. [[Image:talonpass10.jpg]] After a breather, and a few minutes to scoop up the dragon’s horde, they continue down the hallway. Within is a strange chamber with a glowing arch over downward stairs. Guarding the stairway are some metallic-dog homunculi, and an Imp like the one fought previously in the Well of Portalis. During the battle, Glandrin notices as mural running along the walls. While most seems to depict the ancient human empire, one wall seems to have an image of their employer, Istarmani, with two other Elven figures of great power and mystery standing beside him. They make a note to follow up on this later… [[Image:talonpass12.jpg]] Before venturing past the arch, the party decides to double back and investigate a side room. Unfortunately, they walk into an undead ambush, as ghouls pop out of two side rooms, and a sinister wraith passes through a door to attack. Alice turns undead right away, and sends the wraith momentarily reeling back through the door while they deal with the ghouls. Alice’s mastery of radiant power makes destroying the undead abominations much easier. [[Image:talonpass11.jpg]] Convinced that they have rid the rest of the tower of sinister creatures, they venture back past the glowing archway. The new room is illuminated with the eerie glow from the arch. Looking around, the chamber is multi-leveled, and they appear to be in some kind of pit. A voice from up above cackles something about being worthy, and unleashes skeletons into the room from side chambers. The skeletons attempt to bombard the party and push them into spikes on the side, but are quickly cut down. The party makes its way up the sides of the pit but are blocked by a pair of guard drakes who are ready to snap at them. Along the other side, Light and the evil wizard engage in a magical duel. Though he manages to push party members back into the pit, the wizard is defeated, and they recover the Jade Chalice. Upon exiting, they find that their horses are missing, which their employer specifically asked them to take care of. The party decides to recover in the Tower before setting out after them. But the entire time, they cannot help but feel that something is watching…



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