Might of the Inquisition

Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Adventure 50

In attendance: Bael Phoebus, Raiden, Light, Reschard Tam, Gurias Stormborn, Zigfried von Schattenwerk

  • As word gets back that Elana’s time grows short, the party leaves for the Tomb of Horrors beneath the Ghost Tower of Inverness to recover her soul from Paldemar. They take with them a rough map of the Tomb as it used to be and a hired Kobold trap-expert.
  • Using the first ritual he learned during his travels, Gurias uses the portal in the Tower to descend into the Tomb. Light detects a Shadowfell rift underneath.
  • The Tomb has fallen into disrepair, and the legendary traps and tricks have long since rusted into dust. However, it proves no less deadly when the party comes upon a three and a half-armed gargoyle statue in a room with random gravity. Raiden is tossed painfully about the room, and the gargoyle uses its many attacks to rip apart Gurias, causing his death. The party rescues the Swordmage from the walls and recovers Gurias’s body while retreating. They begin to exit when a phantom of Paldemar appears and tells them that any death in the Tomb leads to him gaining their trapped soul. He offers an immediate exchange of the Eye of Vecna for Gurias’s soul, with the followup that he will Elana’s soul for the Hand. They eventually agree to trade for Gurias, giving him the Eye, but stop short of anything else and deciding to venture onto the dungeon.
  • Through the scouting prowess of the kobold and Sir Alfred J. Hootensworth III, the party is able to avoid a deadly elemental vent, and then be prepared to face the false Acererak construct where the last party was killed. He is joined by reanimated versions of Adrie and Darkhul, which the party cuts down.
  • An intersection presents a choice to the party, with one way being the more obvious route to the goal, and the other with crying and calls for help. Gurias casts Hand of Fate and asks it which way to get to Paldemar’s phylactery, which points north away from the crying. With the second question, Reschard asks which party member is most likely to betray the others, which points at a confused and nervous Raiden. Finally, they ask about greatest treasure, which points to the north. They soldier north.
  • The final room, a massive room filled with pillars, contains both the feared demilich Acererak and Paledmar himself, who get the drop on the party, and use a necrotic web to pin down the party outside. Gurias’s Mass Resistance manages to give the party an edge against the attacks, but still finds a difficult challenge in the demilich, instead choosing to focus fire on Paldemar. Bael’s soul is sucked into one of the demilich’s gems just as Paldemar discorporates.
  • Acererak tells the party that Paldemar will reform shortly thanks to the shadowy energies, but while he is gone, the demilich is freed. He says that the phylactery is behind one of the Devourers, the stone faces crafted in Acererak’s image that each contain a Sphere of Annihilation. The Spheres can be dampened somewhat, but they interfere with magic, and so the only way to retrieve what is behind them is to reach in- an incredibly painful proposition. Also, each soul gem and phylactery is nearly indistinguishable. He agrees to help in exchange for the party leaving his Tomb once Paldemar is destroyed.
  • The party splits up, attempting to use a combination of magic might and sheer willpower to recover. Light declares that he’s going to destroy the gem he finds, no matter what it is. The first gem recovered is that of “an important soul.” The second gem, pulled out by Reschard, is that of Elana. The final gem is Paldemar’s phylactery, which is destroyed as the Lich appears and shatters into nothing.
  • Acererak returns Bael’s soul to his body, and allows the party to leave with some gems through a rear teleportation circle that can go directly to Tamhold. Just as the party is teleporting away, the Demilich opens his mouth to reveal that he has the Eye of Vecna…



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