Might of the Inquisition

The Final Battle for Alexandren

Adventure 53

  • Reschard Tam leaves a letter stating that he is leaving the party to attend to his kingdom, and makes the rest of the party Knights of the Kingdom of Tam. (See his page for his letter.)
  • The party arrives in Alexandren at the Stone Pony and find they cannot affect the aberrations, even by using the ship’s weapons, and they cannot even give the order to fire on the creatures. Ebbek boards the ship with Gnosis-On, a minotaur of few words who has been trying to meet the party.
  • The remnants of the last order of the Inquisition (the Cerulean Order) and a number of other refugees are taken to the sewers.
  • Alice Starr is there, as a “Servant of Pelor” and wants to be taken along as the party goes after Istarmani. She has the other 3 pieces of the Jade Set and will only provide them for use against Istarmani if she is allowed to come along.
  • Zigfriend and the rest of the Inquisition go off to fight the Gibbering Orb.
  • An army of drow stand guard outside the Black Spire, Alice’s subterfuge and some quick illusions get the party inside. There, they are met by Jhaelyn, from Phaervorul, who wants to take revenge on the party for abandoning him after they said they would defeat the Matron. The party breaks the illusion to fight.
  • Alice uses Bow Before Me and pushes them away with Lolth’s power, and Gurias seals the entrance with a Wall of Fire. The drow are dispatched, and the party ascends the Black Spire.
  • At the top, they find Istarmani dangling several children out the window, and wishes to talk before they fight, or else he’ll drop the children. Alice and Light say that they should just attack, while the others urge caution. Istarmani recounts his 1000 year past, from his imbuing as an Archfey to protect the material world, to his falling out at Nerath with Istarya and Istarkoi, to being stripped of his power by Istarya then recovering his power hundreds of years later… only to be corrupted by Alice’s (and Lolth’s) machinations. His chance to rule Alexandren was robbed by the party, though he did finally get revenge on Istarya. And now, he’ll use the aberrations to conquer the world and get his empire after all.
  • The kids are tossed down the stairs, and the fight begins. Istarmani becomes encased in a Prismatic Sphere, and also splits into 6 Mirror Images.
  • The Jade Set is used to draw away some of Istarmani’s power as he moves about the battlefield, forcibly shunting his foes into the Feywild and casting powerful magic spells.
  • Mielka pronounces Doom upon Istarmani, and Gurias casts Grand Total, causing an immense amount of damage to Istarmani’s Prismatic Shield, but also some damage to the rest of the party. Istarmani’s power grows out of control, and the top of the Black Spire is ripped off, shattering the immense Etherium crystal above it.
  • Istarmani attempts to use Telekinesis to toss various party members off the edge, but they stand their ground. Gnosis-On is eventually tossed off, but his magic boots enable him to shrug it off and come back up on the stairs.
  • Alice is knocked out of the fight, and the party grabs the rest of the Jade Set to finish the job against Istarmani. A final blast pushes back Istarmani whose body goes flying off the edge as it begins to discorporate. Light teleports to the fey’s body and decapitates it as it dissolves into nothing. The rest of the tower shrieks as it begins to collapse from Istarmani’s last pull of telekinesis causes it to fly apart, sending Alice’s unconscious body into the rubble.
  • The party escapes the crumbling tower. They attempt to find Alice’s body (and the 2 pieces of the Jade Set she still had with her) but find no sign of it. The remaining drow have fled.
  • Upon returning to the Stone Pony, the party finds that Ebbek the Inquisition perished in the conflict, but they were successful in stopping the Gibbering Orb and cleaning up the aberrations. While it would be a long time to rebuild, life and civilization could return to the ruins of Alexandren… and something new can be built. Ebbek was old, and his wife had already passed on, so he went on in peace.



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