Might of the Inquisition

Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 1: The Chamber of Eyes

Adventure 9


Fresh from the Ghost Tower of Inverness, the journey continues to Thunderspire to investigate the next prophecy. Arriving at the foot of the mountain’s entrance, along the north side, Gairdan Facio says that the labyrinth is inside, but that’s as far as he can go. He recommends meeting up with Terrlen Darkstalker after arriving, as he’s a friend and fellow guide. Splugh leads the cart and the party into the twisting passages. The party hears sounds of commotion in one of the passages, and goes to investigate. They open a door and see a group of Hobgoblins attempting to abduct a halfling, and they don’t take kindly to the interruption. During the fight, the Hobgoblin mage knocks a group back, including Gurias standing just outside. He is thrown to his feet, and Splugh takes that opportunity to engage the horse into action, trampling Gurias and heading off alone into the labyrinth… taking Darian with him. The fight finishes, and they capture a Hobgoblin named Krusck for interrogation. At first, they are unsuccessful at intimidating him into talking, until Nohrik unleashes his draconic presence. Krusck tells the party where to find the rest of the Hobgoblin slavers, and draws them a map of their fortress. They let the Hobgoblin go, provided he leaves Thunderspire. He promises to take up basket-weaving for the rest of his life, and flees. They cannot find the trail of Splugh’s cart, so Rendil leads them to the Seven-Pillared Hall, the town within the labyrinth. After some exploration within the Hall, and meeting some of the inhabitants, they set off to the Chamber of Eyes where the Hobgoblin slavers have set up. They sneak by the front, climb up to a balcony, and use a secret passage to infiltrate the compound. Some goblin and bugbear guards are dispatches, after Gurias uses a bit of magic trickery to distract some of the reinforcements. Another chamber reveals a pair of Duergar, evil dwarf-kin. They engage the party, and are soon joined by the leaders of the slaver outfit. Nohrik is dragged into the fray and valiantly holds while Glandrin and Reschard establish a defensive perimeter. As the ranks of the warriors thin out, the Hobgoblin wizard tries to escape. Glandrin charges after him, but the wizard manages to knock the elven warrior to the ground. The wizard tries to open another stone door to get reinforcements, but Glandrin valiantly crawls across the ground and hacks off the wizard at the legs before it can finish opening the door. The duerger and hobgoblins dispatched, the party unlocks a chest found in the chieftan’s room filled with valuables. Nohrik is forced to rest after suffering deep wounds during the fight, but the rest press on. The party double backs across the compound, and investigates a strange idol in the fortress’s drinking water supply, but finds it to be nothing out of the ordinary. The party is left with only two more rooms to investigate. Instead of entering the main chamber, they decide to explore a side chamber that has sounds of drunken revelry. Glandrin kicks open the door, and Gurias fires off a highly effective sleep spell that affects many of the guards. Two goblins out of range of the spell slip out the back via a secret passage, and one hobgoblin is left standing to defend the hall. He at first tells the party to surrender since the goblins are getting reinforcements, but then the party manages to convince him that all the reinforcements have been dealt with. They take his surrender, and he tells them that a halfling and a human were among those sold into slavery to the duergar. It sounds as though Splugh tried to sell Darian, but managed to get them both captured. Wounded, and not willing to take on the remaining forces of the fortress, the party retreats back to the Seven-Pillared hall.


  • XP for Reschard, Glandrin, and Gurias: 921
  • XP for Nohrik: 688
  • XP for Darian: 125
  • Loot: +1 Belt of Sacrifice, +1 Lifedrinker Longsword, +2 Delver’s Chainmail, Potion of Healing, Eight gems worth 100 each, 572 gp, Key to Krand’s Chest, Key to Chamber of Eyes



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