Crusader from the Past


BH-005 was constructed at the height of Nerath’s power as a weapon against the fiendish minotaurs and their golems. While questing in the Thunderspire Labyrinths, a portion of the cavern collapsed in on him, deactivating him. Hundreds of years later, due to other seismic activity resulting from the fall of the Tower of Mysteries. The party encountered him as he reactivated, and explained to him that he must have been buried for a long time and Nerath was gone.

He ventured with the party, helping fellow paladin Nohrik against an insidious village and an evil fish god named Dagon. After arriving at Alexandren, he attempted to determined what had happened to Nerath and what his purpose now was. After conducting some research, he ventured to Tarturia, the land of his home, to seek more answers, but he was captured and sold as property at the Jidoori Auction House. Once again, the party freed him and allowed him to escape.

He wandered for a time until feeling a calling to return to the Labyrinth in the underdark, where once again he worked with the party to find the Soulforge and the adamantine body of Tartarus, the Great Maker, and his creator. Tartarus explained that BH-005 was his finest creation (and the only one surviving), imbued with the soul of a fallen crusader pure of heart. Tartarus’s time was almost up, so BH was to take over as guardian of the Soulforge.


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